An elevated pressure level is not a healthy sign. As hypertension does not show up through any signs, it is termed as a silent killer. If you leave it untreated, you tend to witness cardiac arrests, loss of eyesight, chronic renal dysfunction, strokes, dementia, etc. High level of blood pressure remains one of the salient causes for premature-death all over the world. Drugs such as minoxidil are used for treating this condition. But, do you know how long does it take for minoxidil to work? It is vital thing to have more details.

Antihypertensive meds are widely administered to manage elevated levels of blood pressure. Studies reveal that a marginal drop of 4 mmHg can reduce the risks of heart ailments by 20%. Similarly, the odds of stroke are decreased by 33%. Narrowing of blood vessels often leads to the onset of hypertension. Drugs belonging to a genre of medications called vasodilators are used to relax the narrowed arteries.

Widening of vessels carrying blood helps with smoother and better flow of blood to all parts of your body. Some drugs are known as direct-vasodilators. Though such drugs cause severe headache, palpitation or excessive sweating, they are known to bring down pressure levels. As an added effect, there is a marked increase in growth of hair.

What is minoxidil?

This med is both a vasodilator and also an antihypertensive drug. The good news is it is sold both as a generic med as well as a branded formulation. As the drug is known for its potency, it is usually combined with a few other meds. Most commonly co-administered med is diuretic meds (or water pills). These pills help reduce the risks of potassium and sodium retention. If diuretic is not used, you tend to notice inflammation of legs and ankles.

As an extended use, this med is taken for treating loss of hair on scalp. However, the use of this med is for an indefinite period to support hair-follicles and to support regrowth of hair. Minoxidil is used as an off-label med for promoting growth of hair. If you are allergic to topical creams or lotions, oral form of this med is prescribed. In general, the oral pill form is tolerated with ease than topically applied cream of minoxidil.

How long does minoxidil take to work?

In case of men living with loss of hair on scalp, topical form of minoxidil may take more than 3 months to start working. In order to obtain better results, it is a good practice to use the lotion or gel regularly. But, using this med more than twice per day is not a safe thing to do. Of course, use of this med more often may lead to rapid growth of hair, but it may also cause other adverse side effects.

For instance, you tend to lose hair in the first few days of starting the treatment plan. Shedding of hair is one of the side effects of minoxidil. But, it may stop once your body gets used to active ingredients of this med. Also, no two individuals with hair loss witness the same level of hair regrowth. The quantum of growth depends on genetic factors as well as your overall wellbeing.

Above all, if minoxidil does not fetch needful results after using it for more than 15 weeks, it is time to talk to your caregiving team. At this juncture, you need to know that the oral pill form of minoxidil is not used for treating hair loss. This med is administered at sizably lesser dosage level than while being used for bringing down your blood pressure level. Always apply the ointment or topical gel after drying your scalp. One way to apply is to gently massage the site where the med is applied.


Last but not least, you are advised to talk to your doctor about how long does it take minoxidil to work. Use this med strictly as per the instructions of your caregiver or pharmacist.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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