Drugs categorised as glucocorticoids belong to a genre called corticosteroids. These meds are known to decrease the potency of immunity cells. In the process, they help treat inflammation or internal swelling. Owing to this property, such steroidal meds are taken to manage disorders triggered by hyperactive immune cells. As an outcome, glucocorticoids help control spells of asthma, a few forms of allergic reactions, several types of autoimmune disorders, etc. Prednisone is one of the widely used corticoid meds. Do you know how long does prednisone take to work for cough? It helps to know more about this.

Meds grouped as glucocorticoids are chiefly used for suppressing your immunity levels. Though this, these drugs help fight inflammatory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) like asthma, bronchitis, etc. As an extended use, these steroidal medications are taken for the treatment of rheumatoid conditions, a few skin conditions, etc. You are advised to avoid using steroidal meds if you are living with fungal or yeast infections.

In this light, what is prednisone?

This is corticosteroid-based drug. It is administered for reducing internal swelling, and also keep your immune cells from turning hyperactive. Caregivers prescribe prednisone for a fairly wide range of conditions such as ulcerative colitis, lupus, arthritis, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), psoriasis – to name a few.

This med is likely to alter the potency of your immune cells. As a result, you turn more vulnerable to infections. It is highly recommended to stay away from people who are sick. It is unsafe to take vaccines while you are taking prednisone.

How long does prednisone take to work for cough?

Prednisone works on cough by treating soreness of your throat and by reducing swelling around the throat region. This med is however considered a last option for patients living with persistent spells of coughs; especially, to treat coughing that do not come under control after using anti-tussive meds.

Standard dosage is 20 to 40 milligram (mg), taken as a single dose per day. Caregivers often prescribe dosage plan of 2 weeks of prednisone for cough. In many instances, initial dose of 40 mg is offered for 14 days’ time.

This dosage plan is followed by tapering of doses for 10 days. In case of children, prednisone is offered for a shorter span. Prednisone dosage for cough depends on age and severity of coughing among children.

Precautions needed while using this corticosteroid

Those who have had prior allergies to prednisone need to inform their caregiver of such conditions. If you are living with renal problems or hepatic conditions (such as hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver), your treating physician must be made aware of such problems.

Taking prednisone over a longer term may lead to a few acute side effects such as loss of bone (i.e., osteoporosis); those who smoke or those who do not take ample amount of calcium or vitamin D are at an added risk of bone losses. Intake of this steroidal med during the first few months of pregnancy can lead to birth-related defects or babies born with lesser body weight. Hence, it is essential to tell your doctor if you are pregnant.

Intake of steroidal meds like prednisone can have an adverse impact of the growth rate of children. So, if you sense children are not growing up a regular rate, it is a safe thing to consult with your caregiver without delay.

Last but not least, you are advised to take this med along with a meal. Also, it is a good practice to take it at the same timeslot. It can be unsafe to change the schedule or to take prednisone dosage for cough without the consent of your physician. If you aim to have more details on dosage of prednisone for cough, it is recommended to talk to a qualified medical practitioner.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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