How much does trazodone cost you without insurance

Staying depressed is fast turning into a common condition. Many people however live with such conditions without being unaware of it. So, when you catch yourself feeling down for long, it is recommended to talk to a caregiver. If you do not treat a mental problem, it is likely to turn worse. It can worsen to become a severe condition like spells of panic, extreme levels of restlessness, being over-anxious, etc. Your doctor may recommend intake of antidepressants; trazodone is one such med. Do you know how much it costs without insurance? It can be beneficial to know more.

Timely treatment of a mental condition can prevent the onset of several complications. This is mainly because, mental problems may affect sleep cycles, metabolic rates and hormonal wellbeing. Hence, a delayed treatment is likely to leave you less productive. It is quite common among people who are depressed to have little / no sleep; also, they eat less (or, sometimes eat much more than normal people do). Above all, you may find a significant drop in your energy level.

Thankfully, drugs are widely available for the case management of mental conditions like mood shifts, including depression. In this light, trazodone is a widely used med. It belongs to a group of meds called serotonin antagonist and reuptake-inhibiting drugs (also as SARI). A key function of this med is to bring about relief from depression, anxieties and restlessness.

Trazodone was launched during the start of 1980s; it has needful clearances for treating mental problems. Its popularity soared (and is still soaring) ever since its introduction. Recent reports indicate that it ranks among top-40 most-prescribed drugs in US. On an average, more than 24 million prescriptions are written for it per annum.

How much does trazodone cost without insurance?

Pricing of Trazodone without insurance is dependent on several aspects. For instance, prices can change based on strength of dose and also on the type of drugstore you are purchasing this drug from. You can however avail discounts offered through cost-saving promotional cards, assistance programs to help procure meds, etc.

Without an insurance plan, antidepressants such as trazodone (of 50 mg strength) are priced at about $ 13 – 15 for a pack of 15 pills. This price range is for out-of-pocket purchase of this pill, and for those who have an insurance cover. It can be helpful to seek prices from a few drugstores (physical stores as well as online pharmacies) prior to placing your order. You are advised to find out if any drug sellers are offering any special offers or discounts. In general, such offers can help you procure these meds at discounted price-points. However, you may need to turn into a member of the discount programs to avail deeper price-offs. These offers may come in the form of rebates, trial-based offers, free provision of samples, discount coupons (that are printable), etc.

Added to the above, a few drug companies may extend patient assistance program (PAP) to help lower costs of drugs. PAP is often aimed to benefit those who are uninsured / those from lower income groups. You may however need to know that eligibility conditions may change from one PAP to another. Though PAP for purchase of trazodone is rare, you are advised to seek added inputs from your caregiver to know more – especially about plans offered in the area you reside.

A few additional points to know prior to using trazodone

You need to know that this drug can make you sedated. This property helps in the treatment of mood swings as well as depression. Moreover, trazodone is not an active suppressor of acetylcholine; its popularity has soared due to its marked low anti-cholinergic properties. Acetylcholine is a key brain chemical which helps send signals and transmit messages to nerves. This capability makes this drug a preferred drug for patients aged above 50 years of age and more. You are advised to consult with your caregiving team if you want to know more about this med.


Information provided here is only of a supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website does not suggesting the intake of this drug is safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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