Male pattern hair-loss and enlargement of prostate may have one thing in common; the level of testosterone in your body. These medical conditions are more common among older men as the hormonal level becomes imbalanced as you age. Among the various drugs available for treating these medical conditions, finasteride is a widely prescribed med. It is often taken over the long term – spanning several months to years. Knowing where to buy it cheap can help you make big savings. It is hence worth your while to know more on this.

Finasteride must only be taken by adults – by men alone. It is never given to women who are already pregnant or those planning to become pregnant. Similarly, breastfeeding women or those nursing a new-born baby must stay away from taking this drug. Studies indicate that pregnant women may harm fetal health upon taking finasteride. Also, male infants who took finasteride may witness serious side effects in the form of damage of their genitals or an impairment of urinary function.

The key function of drugs such as finasteride is to shrink the prostate – especially, among men who are living with an enlarged prostate. In clinical terms, this condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH). Intake of finasteride is likely to help avoid a surgical intervention. The most distinctive signs of an enlarged prostate are difficulties to start peeing, frequent urges to urinate, a feeling of not having emptied your urinary bladder in full, etc. In some elderly men, the condition may push you to use the bathroom very frequently during nights – thus, making you to go sleepless.

Finasteride is known to provide relief from these discomforts / symptoms. You need to know that the prostate gets enlarged when testosterone goes low or too much of it is used up to make other hormones. Main ingredients of finasteride focus on boosting testosterone level (this is done by inhibiting other substances that use testosterone as their base).

Points you need to remember prior to taking dosages of finasteride

Finasteride is likely to cause a few undesired side effects or discomforts. Users have often reported a marked drop in interest to pursue sexual intercourse, decreased secretion of semen, etc. The good news is – these are not considered as serious side effects. In this light, it is helpful to note – your doctor has administered this med mainly because its risks are much lesser than the benefits this med offers. In general, finasteride may not trigger acute side effects or allergies. However, if you notice unbearable levels of dizziness or if you are feeling extremely drowsy or witness formation of rashes on skin, incidence of respiratory conditions and excessive levels of itchiness – you are advised to report to your caregiver immediately.

In order to avoid any possible allergies, tell your physician about prior hypersensitivity or allergic reactions. Main ingredients of finasteride can get into your skin with relative ease; so, those with skin problems or conditions such as dermatitis must keep away from taking this med. Finasteride is sold as a pill and is taken once per day. It can be consumed either before or after food. Your caregiver may advise a long term intake of finasteride; in some cases, the dosage plan may go beyond 12 to 18 months. So, never discontinue the intake of this med in an abrupt manner. If you are planning to discontinue its intake, consult with your caregiving team about such decisions.

How to buy finasteride cheap?

It is helpful to remember that finasteride is sold as a generic drug; as you know, generic meds cost lesser than their branded counterparts. However – to purchase a generic equivalent – you may need a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner; finasteride (both branded and generic) is not sold as an over the counter (OTC) med. A heartening development is – most insurance plans cover the cost of this drug, as part of coverage offered to treat an enlargement of prostate. On the other hand, not many insurance service providers cover the cost of this drug if taken for treating hair loss among males.

Generic and branded versions of finasteride cost in between ~ $25 to $210 for a month’s dosage plan. The typical plan is administered as one dose each day (i.e., over a 24-hour timeline). Cost of this drug depends on many factors – key among them are, the place of your residence (location is an important element in the pricing of finasteride), type of your insurance plan as well as extent of coverage. You may also procure generic formulation of this drug through online pharmacies.

If you decide to procure finasteride from an online vendor, you are advised to do needful homework. Beware of vendors who may sell confidential information relating to your purchase. Details such as your name, name of bank and account number – if shared, can result in risks such as spamming, phishing, etc. It is important to read all the reviews (users’ comments) about the online pharmacy; also, read the privacy policy of the pharmacy carefully and talk to your friends / networks about the credibility of the chosen online vendor.

On the whole, generic meds have more saving potential than branded drugs. In case of finasteride, you may see better outcomes when you take it along with meds like minoxidil; the latter boosts blood flow and can hasten remedial effects. This co-administered drug is available as an over the counter (OTC) med and is sold as a topical med. Intake of finasteride may need more patience; this is because, it may take as high as 6 to 12 months for the effects to show up. It is one of the reasons why you need to identify a low-cost vendor to supply the drugs to you.

In sum, finasteride helps shrinking your prostate; this works well for men living with an enlarged prostate. It also helps to treat hair loss – i.e., male pattern balding. You can buy this drug cheap when you opt to take it as a generic med. Also, choose your online pharmacy wisely to get better deals / discounts. However, while choosing to purchase from pharmacies, you are advised to do proper research on the vendor’s credibility. It is a good practice to read the privacy policy of the pharmacy as well as study the user reviews thoroughly prior to making a purchase.

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