hydrocortisone medicine to heal split cracksBoils may form on a few parts of your body where the likelihood of bacterial infections is high. But, not all boils are the same. Some – like the split bum crack – need unique ways to treat. Read to know eight (8) ways this condition can be treated.

Boils are likely to get formed in a few vulnerable points of your body. These are points where you may experience an accumulation of sweat. These may also be parts where you may have growth of hair. A condition called intergluteal cleft – popularly called as split bum crack – is a type of boil.

Split bum crack is formed on your buttocks – especially in the crack – where more sweat accumulates. The hair follicles in your bum crack may get affected by bacteria; it is such bacteria that can trigger this skin condition.

What causes split bum crack?

This condition has a lot of similarities with the formation of a pimple. When your hair follicles are infected by bacteria, such infections can become boils. These boils on your butt have pus in them and show up on your skin.

So what is the difference between a split bum crack and a pimple?

The split bum crack is found to occur on the layer immediately beneath your skin’s top surface. This layer is called the dermis. However, pimples are formed on the topmost surface of your skin; this surface is known as the epidermis. Other than this difference, both these conditions do experience pus formation as well as the occurrence of a bump on your skin.

The most common causes for split bum crack include a weakened immune system, absence of hygienic practices, episodes of excessive sweating, etc. In some rare cases, shaving has also led to this medical condition. Skin doctors also inform a few other medical conditions – that pre-exist in your body – may trigger a split bum crack. Such pre-existing medical conditions are diabetes, eczema (characterized by itchiness, discoloration of the skin, scaling of skin, dryness, etc.), chronic infection of some bacteria – especially a few strands of Staphylococcus genre, deficiency of red blood cells (indicating a frail immune system), injuries or cuts onto your skin.

hydrocortisone medicine to heal split cracks

Signs of split bum crack

The fundamental sign is the appearance of a boil in the bum crack. This boil develops into a painful and red-colored bump. It may often contain pus – a yellow or white colored fluid; owing to which it can grow bigger in size. Pus is formed by a combination of bacteria and white blood cells that no longer are alive. Other signs of this skin condition include swelling surrounding the affected region, oozing, itchiness – especially near the bum crack, etc. In some instances, excessive tiredness and formation of more boils on your body – closer to bum crack are also observed.

Similar conditions

Before going ahead with treating it, you may need to ensure that the condition certainly is a boil. There may be other conditions similar to this; for example, a hidradenitis condition. This is almost same as a boil, but the affected area can make you to experience unbearable pain. The reasons why you may get this condition are still unknown. Also, the absence of a cure makes this condition a unique problem.

Ways to treat split bum crack

These boils must not be picked at or popped. If not drained well, the infection can spread to adjoining areas. You may also run the risk of edging the infestation to a deeper segment; thus causing more boils to form. So, what are the ways to treat it? Read on for eight (8) best practices.

#1. Compresses

You can apply warm and moist compress onto the boil. It can be administered at least three times per day. Use a warm cloth (that can be washed) and apply some gentle pressure on it. Ensure that you are damaging the boil by applying such pressure. Upon rupture of the boil, keep it covered by a clean bandage. This approach helps further spread of the boil to nearby areas. This practice is found to offer a good cure to boils. It may even cause the boil to get dissipated sooner.

#2. Antibiotic medications

Administration of antibiotics can be another practice to heal boils. This approach is used when risks of secondary infestation are high. This is a chosen method when the odds of formation of scar are also high. Antibiotic creams can yield a quicker heal and may also arrest likely risks of secondary infections. Your doctor may advise you to apply such ointments twice or thrice every day. Based on your skin condition and severity of split bum crack, your doctor may vary the strength of the ointment, frequency of application, etc.

#3. Tea tree oil

This oil is known to have powerful antiseptic as well as antibacterial capabilities. It can act against the bacteria that cause split bum crack. While using this oil, ensure that you are not applying it directly onto your skin. This precaution is needed as the oil can burn your skin. You are hence advised to dilute tea tree oil with carrier oils – such as olive oil or coconut oil. Rub the blended oil onto the infected area. It is recommended to repeat this application at least thrice every day till the boil is healed.

#4. Turmeric

Turmeric is a time-tested substance used over several centuries. Its importance stems from the presence of abundant anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial strengths. You can choose to either ingest it or apply its powder onto the affected area. There are instances where people both apply it topically as well as consume it.
If you wish to apply it topically, turmeric is made into a powder form. This powder is blended with some water. The paste is applied to the split bum crack. On the other hand, if your idea is to consume it- mix turmeric powder to milk, cool it and drink it at least twice every day.

#5. Castor oil

The oil is known for its anti-inflammatory strengths. Its powers are derived from ricinoleic acid – a substance found in sizeable proportion in this oil. Coupled with these strengths, castor oil is also known for its antibacterial powers. Since it is not as strong as tea tree oil, you may directly apply it onto the boil. Application of this oil at last thrice per day can heal your skin condition.

#6. Compress made with Epsom salt

You can add Epsom salt to a cup of warm water. Soak a cloth and apply it on the boil for some 15 minutes in one go. Upon doing this twice each day you may find the boil beginning to heal. The reasons are- Epsom salt can treat boils by making the pus inside to become dry. This causes a draining effect on the boil. As an added benefit, Epsom salt is also known for its capabilities to offer relaxation.

#7. Neem oil

This oil is not as strong as the tea tree oil. So, you may directly apply this oil to the infected area. It is recommended to apply it at least three times every day for better results. The oil is endowed with enviable strengths including antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. The oil is believed to offer a relatively faster cure to split bum crack. It is recommended to wash your hands properly both before and after applying it onto the split bum crack.

#8. Surgical lancing

The surgical approach is taken if your boil is growing in size. There are instances wherein boils have assumed the size of a small-sized lemon. Surgical lancing may also have opted if your boil persists for more than 10 days and does not show any traces of rupture.
If the boils are recurring often, it may require the supervision of a specialist. These repeated episodes of boils can be best left to the treatment choice of your skin doctor (dermatologist).

hydrocortisone medicine to heal split cracks

When to seek medical help to heal split bum crack?

Each of these practices listed above is effective in the healing of split bum crack. However, you need to know when to approach a skin doctor. If you are experiencing any of these below-given symptoms, it is high time to consult your skin doctor- formation of lumps or boil in the nearby areas – i.e., adjoining the infected area, your medical history includes diabetes or blood sugar related ailments, discoloration of skin surrounding the infected areas, sharp pain, steady enlargement of the boil, etc.

In essence, a condition termed intergluteal cleft is popularly called split bum crack. This is a kind of a boil. Split bum crack is formed in the crack of your buttocks; a place where sweat often accumulates. The follicles of hair in the bum crack can get infected by bacteria and can cause this skin condition. The most common practices employed to heal this condition are the application of warm compress, Epsom salt compress, castor oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, antibiotic ointments or medications, and surgical lancing. Turmeric is also used owing to the abundant presence of antibacterial properties.

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