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Among development related problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (also called ADHD) is a fast becoming a common medical condition. The onset of ADHD may make you stay restless, unfocused and also lead to impulsive actions. In essence, it makes you hyperactive. In case of school-going children, it has a telling effect on their (poor) academic performance. Among adults, ADHD can lead to inability to maintain good relationships and association with others. Adderall is a popular med administered for treating ADHD; but, how much is the right / safe dosage strength? It becomes important to have added inputs prior to commencing your treatment.

Genetic reasons fare as one of the top causes for the onset of ADHD. It is a salient reason in as high as 70% of patients of this developmental disorder. Moreover, women who take alcohol during their pregnancy – in any / all of the trimesters – may give birth to babies with this neurological condition. Exposure to chemicals such as phosphates (or their derivatives) or to pesticides based on such chemicals is also known to trigger incidence of ADHD.

Intake of Adderall for ADHD

Adderall is a popular med used for the treatment of ADHD. As an extended application, this drug is also taken for managing spells of narcolepsy (daytime sleepiness). This drug essentially has two active ingredients viz., amphetamine and dextro-amphetamine. These two (2) substances act on the central nervous system i.e., CNS; these control a few enzymes / brain chemicals that cause hyperactivity, impulsiveness and restlessness.

These 2 essential chemicals of Adderall may stay inside the system for more than 4.5 hours’ time. However, if you are taking an extended-release form of Adderall (called as XR), active chemicals may remain for more than 10.5 hours, form the time of your last dose.

How much Adderall is safe to consume?

Dosage level of Adderall can vary depending on your underlying medical condition. Your treating doctor may administer the initial doses at a lower strength. Based on how your system responds to these doses, your caregiver will structure the dosage plan. However, the maximum dosage level must never exceed 40 milligrams each day; this strength is the daily limit while treating ADHD. While treating narcolepsy among adults, dosage strength may range in between 10 to 60 milligrams within a 24-hour timeline.

In some cases, people may respond adversely owing to an overdose of Adderall. You can identify an overdosed condition through a few distinctive signs; these are – involuntary shaking of your body or tremors, being in a confused state of mind, faster respiratory cycle, cramping of abdominal muscles, etc. On experiencing one or more of these adverse signs of a possible overdose, call your treating doctor on an urgent basis.

Safety measures needed while taking Adderall

People with earlier spells of substance-abuse need to tell their physician of such episodes. Also, if you are hypertensive and / or had a recent cardiac attack, your caregiver must know of these conditions. As essential ingredients of Adderall can work on stimulants, users with cardiac conditions like myocardial infarction must take needful precautions while using Adderall for ADHD.

It is highly recommended to avoid taking Adderall if you are consuming meds such as MAO inhibitors (like isocarboxazid, linezolid, etc). People with mental conditions such as mood shifts, depression, anxieties or weird thoughts, etc. must stay wary of undesired side effects. In such cases, administration of Adderall may aggravate your mental condition.

In a few one-off cases, adverse bodily side effects such as gasping, wheezing or short respiratory cycles, etc., angina or chest pains and excessive spells of sweating may occur. Upon sensing any of these side effects, it is a key thing to take medical help on an emergency mode.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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