Hair loss is one of the conditions that affects the front part or top of scalp. In men, loss of hair occurs mostly on the front or on crown. In case of women, loss of hair or thinning occurs all over the scalp. Studies indicate that genetic factors are highly responsible for loss of scalp hair. A few studies reveal presence of stresses, especially oxidative stresses – as one of the main reasons. Minoxidil is used for treating loss of hair. But, how to use minoxidil? Also, how to use minoxidil for beard? It is helpful to know more on such things.

Baldness among men starts above temples. In females, thinning occurs without recession of hairline. Like in males, women rarely witness a complete loss of hair. In almost all instances, recession of hairline begins from the front and moves backwards.

The real reasons behind loss of scalp hair are barely understood. Specialists tend to believe that changes in genetic makeup causes changes inside your follicles. Once your follicles turn hypersensitive to hormones such as androgen, blood cholesterol as well as a few natural proteins, your may witness loss of scalp hair.

Age also plays a vital role in loss of hair. As you age, there is a marked drop in testosterone levels as well as androgen-receptors. Moreover, intake of an improper diet may also lead to non availability of nutrients. Diagnosis may involve biopsy to rule out other causes. Treatment for hair loss involves intake of meds like minoxidil and a few other such meds.

What is minoxidil?

This drug is an antihypertensive med as well as works as vasodilator. This med is usually administered along with other drugs; this is done mainly to manage the high level of potency of minoxidil. If you withs to save on costs, generic version of this drug is available. It is widely prescribed along with water pills (also known as diuretic drugs). Water pills are known for their ability to decrease the odds of retention of potassium as well as sodium salts.

One of the off-label uses of this drug is for the treatment of hair loss. You may however need to apply the gel or lotion for a very long term to promote regrowth of your hair. Minoxidil does not have the needful approval to be used to catalyse hair growth. Those who have hypersensitivity to topical forms – like ointment or gel, are advised to take oral pills. The latter is considered safe as it is well-tolerated than topical forms of minoxidil.

How to use minoxidil?

A proven way to apply this med is to massage the scalp or site of hair loss with the gel or ointment of minoxidil. But, ensure to use gel or cream only after drying up the scalp. If minoxidil is not yielding required outcomes i.e., regrowth of hair, even after applying it for say 3 months’ time, speak with your treating doctor without much delay. In general, pills of this med are not widely taken for promoting growth of hair.

Pointers you need to be aware of while using minoxidil
You need to know that you may lose some hair – especially during the initial few dosages of this med. This occurs at the start of your medication plan. In fact, loss of hair initially is a standard adverse effect of minoxidil. The good thing is – such loss is likely to stop as your system becomes familiar with the key chemicals of this drug.

Above all, no two men with loss of scalp hair will witness similar remedies or regrowth of their hair. The extent of hair growth varies based on genetic aspects, presence of bodily ailments, overall health condition, etc. In order to understand how to use minoxidil for beard, talk to your caregiver or pharmacist prior to applying this med onto your beard.




Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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