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Cortisol is one of the steroid-based hormones your body makes naturally. It is known as a stress-related hormone. It is also released as a response to lower level of blood sugar in your system. It is known to play a critical role in breaking down of glucose. Cortisol also inhibits your immune cells from triggering responses like internal swelling. The manmade version of this hormone is called hydrocortisone. In this light, it is worth your while to know more about hydrocortisone suppository.

Cortisol is a natural hormone made by your adrenal glands. The discharge of this hormone however is controlled by a region of your brain called hypothalamus. This hormone plays a big role in how you manage stressful conditions. Lab-made form of this hormone is called hydrocortisone.

What is hydrocortisone?

This med is administered when corticosteroid drops to a suboptimal level. Hydrocortisone may also be given for treating a few other ailments in people living with optimal level of corticosteroids. Such ailments include several types of arthritis, acute allergies, a few autoimmune conditions such as lupus, etc. The key ingredients of this med are known to alter your stress response system by changing the way your immune cells work. Hydrocortisone belongs to a genre of meds called corticosteroids.

This corticosteroid is also known to change how your system utilises and stores proteins, fats as well as carbohydrates. Active chemicals have a bearing on how your body strikes a balance between level of electrolytes and fluids like water.

Intake of hydrocortisone along with antiseizure meds or anticonvulsants can cause counterproductive effects. So, if you are taking meds such as phenytoin, phenobarbital, etc., your caregiving team needs to know of such medication plans. Moreover, use of antibiotic meds like rifampin can lower the absorption level of hydrocortisone. Those who take such antibiotics may have to take a unique dosage plan of this corticosteroid to counter lower absorption levels.

Hydrocortisone suppository

This form of hydrocortisone is taken for treating itchiness in your rectal tract and hemorrhoids. This version of the corticosteroid is known to manage a few intestinal conditions such as ulcerative colitis of rectum. Your caregiver may also prescribe hydrocortisone suppository to bring needful relief from bloody discharge of diarrhea, inflammation of anus / rectum, pain in your rectal tract, etc.

You are advised to use this suppository as per the guidance of your treating doctor. The typical dosage is twice per day. Your dosage plan depends on the severity of your rectal / intestinal conditions, and on how your system responds to the initial few doses of this med.

It is unsafe to keep hydrocortisone suppository for long as it may melt off at ambient temperature. Once you have unpacked the med, apply some water drops to make the tip wet. Now, push it gently inside your rectum with a finger. Ensure to push it deeply so that it does not fall off from your anus. It is highly recommended not to have any bowel movements for 60 – 90 minutes. This allows hydrocortisone suppository to work without any disturbance.

Hydrocortisone-suppository in a webp image

Points you need to know while using hydrocortisone suppository

Like most corticosteroids, this drug may also cause a few adverse effects. These can include drying of skin, itchiness, burning sensation, irritation of skin, etc. The active chemicals may also alter the color of your skin near your rectal tract. If these adverse effects do not go away for long, it is essential to tell your doctor of these side effects.

In some remote cases, hydrocortisone suppository may lead to acute side effects. These may include abnormal bleeding from your rectum, painful bones, mood swings such as being depressed, staying agitated or restless, erratic heartbeats, etc. Upon witnessing any of the aforesaid effects, call your caregiver on an emergency basis. You can also dial 911 in US or call Health Canada if you are a Canadian resident.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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