Health benefits of green tea are popularly known. Green tea – in general – is endowed with properties that can heal your body. But, what are the benefits of drinking Arizona green tea? These sections below offer needful insights.

Arizona green tea has a very low calorific value. But, what about other nutritional values of this tea? This green tea with honey (8 ounces of it) has about 70 calories, with 18 grams of carbohydrates. More than 80% of these crabs are sugar-based. It can yield about 25% of your daily dosage value of vitamin C. Its sodium content is markedly low at less than 10 milligrams. It carries nil cholesterol and practically no fat content.

So, every time you consume a can containing 23 ounces of Arizona green tea, you are taking nearly 55 grams of carbs. You also need to remember the dietary guidelines issued to Americans – especially those aged 18 years and above. As per these standards, your daily intake of carbs cannot exceed 125 grams. You will now see that a single 23-ounce serving of Arizona green tea feeds you with almost 35% of a day’s carb needs.

If you thought Arizona green tea is completely natural, then you may need to read the label on its packaging all over again. Its label clearly mentions that it is packed with corn syrup that contains high levels of fructose. Dietary guidelines given to Americans suggest that upto 10% of your daily intake of calories can be derived from sugars. This translates into nearly 40 grams of sugars for daily intake of 1,600 calories. Going by these standards, a 23-ounce serving of this green tea adds a lot of sugars to your daily diet.


You now know the presence of carbs and sugars in Arizona green tea. So, what can you do? As an alternative, you may choose to drink its low-carb and low calorie variant. Zero calorie variant of this green tea has 3 grams of carbs for every 23-ounce serving. However, such low-calorie variants are packed with added sugars. In this case, it is sucralose. Three (3) grams of this added sugar is present in a 23-ounce serving of Arizona’s low-calorie green tea variant.

The effects caused soon after you consume Arizona green tea are tracked with scientific precision. Sections below map the effects over different time intervals.

In first ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes

Added sugars in this green tea – amounting nearly 18 grams – is equivalent to nearly 3 to 4 spoonsful. It is also nearly 35 to 38% of your daily intake of sugar. So a standard pack of this green tea may contain anywhere between 12 to 16 spoonsful of sugar.
American Heart Association recommends women and men to not consume more than 6 and 9 spoonsful of sugars per day respectively. So, in first ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes, high fructose gets absorbed and is broken into its various constituents. Microbes in your gut play a big role in this breakdown of sugars. High density of sugar also comes in touch with bacteria present in your oral region. This reaction instantly leads to an increase of acidity and causes tooth cavities (by weakening your enamel).

In twenty (20) minutes, fructose and glucose part ways. Fructose gets metabolized in your liver while glucose gets into your blood. Your pancreas secretes insulin to absorb glucose and keeps it intact as glycogen. But excessively consumed sugars do get stored as fats. Clinical studies done on this area indicate that chances of high levels of triglycerides are high with your intake of high-sugar fluids. Excessive fructose is stored in your liver while excessive glucose is stored in cells. These are conditions leading to insulin resistance; which means, insulin does not work the way it is supposed to function. This also results in lifestyle ailments like cancer (pancreatic) as well as diabetes (type 2).

These sugars are in liquid form. So, it makes way for very easy absorption. This quick absorption of sugars in your gut can lead to many other adverse side effects. If you increase the frequency of consumption, fats that are more than needed will get stored. Over a period of time, you may become obese and may be susceptible to other lifestyle related disorders. These disorders may impair your cardiovascular system and can also lead to high levels of blood pressure.

In forty (40) minutes, concentrated sugars may start having an adverse impact on various parts of your body. High level of blood sugar can cause a range of medical condition such as cardiac disorders, renal dysfunction and deterioration of nerve health as well as eyesight. Spike in the production of uric acid is another side effect. This can lead to inflammation of your joints. Hence, at a very young age, you may feel like your knees have aged soon.


So what happens in about an hour?

You may need to remember Arizona green tea is devoid of fat, fiber or proteins. Any one of these substances is needed to give you a satiated or a feeling of fullness. So soon after an hour, you are sure to experience another spell of hunger. This is distinctly marked by a drop in your energy level.

Antioxidants green tea is supposed to be blessed-with are only available to a limited extent in Arizona green tea when compared to teas brewed at home. The reasons include- packaged teas are diluted and processed before being packed; all these processes strip off much of essential antioxidants from them.

Home-brewed green teas are endowed with polyphenols; these substances can protect your body from cancer. On the other, high-sugar green teas do not have polyphenols but they do have fructose content in abundance.

You can see why you crave for more foods or drinks every time you consume high sugar drinks such as Arizona green tea. Instead, you are advised to drink fluids like water or other low-sugar drinks. You may add mint, ginger or cucumber to water in order to make your drink a special one, and turn your experience into a more unique and enjoyable one.

Arizona green tea carries most of the disadvantages packed in canned high-sugar drinks. High level of fructose contents mutes all other possible health benefits you may receive from this drink. Cans they are packed-in also pose another health hazard. These cans are made of aluminium, which may contain toxins. Some of these toxins the tins carry can degenerate your brain cells and may weaken your memory. Also, the odds of nerve-damages are high.

What about ginseng? It does have its own benefits, right!

Beyond any doubt, ginseng is blessed with great medicinal values. Clinical assessments indicate natural substances (called as ginsenosides) can reverse aging process, boost your immunity levels, improve memory as well as provide your body with needful strength and vitality. A few studies also claim that this herb contains rare properties for treating disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. The only negative thing working against ginseng is its price. It is very expensive; even a pound of this rare herb may cost hundreds of dollars.

The saddest part is, ginseng being an active ingredient in Arizona green tea may not be true. There are also reports that a lawsuit has been filed contesting the company’s claim of including ginseng in its green tea. Research done at food labs shows no significant addition of ginseng to their green tea.

Natural green tea

Presence of natural polyphenols is the main reason for worldwide popularity and acceptance of the natural form of green tea. Naturally sourced green tea has a long list of benefits including vitamins B, C, iron, magnesium, flavonoids, amino acids (such as theanine) as well as calcium. Health benefits of drinking natural green tea are prevention of liver cancer as well as cell rupture in intestines, lungs, kidney, etc. Leaves of green tea – when freshly plucked – are found to contain alkaloids. Commonly seen alkaloids are theophylline, caffeine, etc.

So, writing on the wall is so very clear. You are advised to avoid packed green teas. Instead, opt to buy green tea leaves and make a brew at home to derive most of its health benefits.

Confused with what to drink?

There need not be any room for confusion. Always remember these two ground rules- 1. Never drink fluids with excessive amounts of sugar and 2. Stay away from drinks packed in cans. By following these two rules, you can bring a lot of goodness to your body. Your craving for sweet drinks and foods is sure to come to a halt once you stop taking high-sugar drinks. More importantly, learn to brew green tea at the comforts of your home.

Green tea making at home is a fairly simple process. Buy a teapot with a strainer attached to it. A teapot (preferably with an infuser built into it) made of glass can make you see the changes in color of the tea as it gets brewed. If the teapot also has a timer, tea brewing at home becomes an even more easy process. A timer helps a lot especially during your multiple steeping. As second or third steeping require different timings, keeping a watch over it with an automatic timer helps a lot.

You may also want to invest in a good quality mug to drink your tea. There are travel mugs (some of them come with an infuser inside) available which let you sip your green tea when you are on the move.

While you buy green tea, always insist on buying it loose and not as tea bags. It is also a proven way to ensure leaves are fresh. The type of green tea you can choose is based on the price you can afford to pay as well as its availability. Among the various types of green tea, widely popular types include Gyokuro, Longjing (also known as dragon well), Sencha, etc.

Best way to drink green tea is to avoid adding sugars or any other sweeteners to it. However, if you wish to make it sweet, you can try adding a few drops of natural honey. If natural honey is not available, you may opt to add some sugar. But is sugar good? Yes, if it is under control. So, adding a spoonful of sugar is not a bad thing to do.

In summary, Arizona Green tea is a high-sugar drink. Its claim of ginseng as an active input is currently under review. So, if you wish to have natural green tea, the best way is to buy loose green tea. Make the brew in your tea pot and sip your green tea. You can choose from a wide range of options based on how much you wish to spend as well as based on choices available to you. A home-made brew is more likely to contain benefits of green tea; notably, anti-aging properties, cancer-fighting capabilities apart from all other goodness it is endowed with.


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