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A hormone known as insulin makes sugar in your body to move from bloodstream to cells. This action leads to use of sugars to make energies. When this process is hindered, it caused a metabolic disorder called diabetes. Those who decide not to treat diabetes run the risk of nerve damages. This condition may also impair your renal function, eyes, etc. There are two broad classes of diabetes namely, type I and type II. But, is falling asleep after eating sugar a sign of diabetes? It is helpful to know more about this.

Diabetes is a metabolic condition which leads to more amount of blood sugar. This is often an outcome of your body not producing needful amount of insulin or if insulin made is not being put to effective use.

Diabetes mellitus is of two distinct types. Of these, type I is an autoimmune condition. Your immune cells attack cells of pancreas. These attacks affect the level of insulin your body makes. On the other hand, type II diabetes shows up when your system develops resistance to insulin. As a result, sugars tend to build-up in bloodstream. Type II is the most common form of diabetes. More than 91% of people with diabetes have this type.

A few other types of diabetes may also show up. These are type 1.5 and gestational diabetes. Of these, type 1.5 is also referred as latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA). This occurs mostly among adults and is difficult to treat it through changes made to your lifestyle or diet habits. Gestational diabetes occurs mostly among pregnant women. Insulin-blockers made by placenta are known to trigger this transitional condition.

Is falling asleep after eating sugar a sign of diabetes?

Feeling sleepy after eating sugar may indicate the onset of diabetes, but not at all times. Falling asleep after eating sugar indicates drastic changes in sugar-level in bloodstream. An increase in sugar level soon after eating is labelled as hyperglycemia (a drop in sugar is called hypoglycemia).

Hyperglycemia or a sudden spike in sugar levels show up when your system is not making enough insulin. This spike may also be due to insulin your body makes is not working in an effective manner. Tiredness is common in those who take foods high on carbs.

In case of diabetes, you may involuntarily feel sleepy soon after eating sugar. But, you may also witness a few other signs like being thirsty or hungry, blurring of vision, numbing of limbs, etc. As a safety measure, if you falling asleep after eating sugar, consult with your caregiver without delay.

Is-falling-asleep-after-eating-sugar-a-sign-of-diabetes in a webp image

Other essential things you need to know about diabetes mellitus

People who are prediabetic are those with sugar levels higher than the normal range, but the level has not spiked-up enough to turn into a type II condition. Prediabetic stage is when cells of your system do not respond well to insulin. If not treated, a prediabetic stage may turn into type II diabetes.

It becomes important to know the typical signs of diabetes. Typical signs include persistent spells of hunger, being thirsty, loss of body weight, extreme levels of tiredness, slow healing of wounds, etc. In some cases, onset of diabetes may also cause blurring of eyesight, need to urinate more often, etc.

Among men, it may trigger symptoms like a sudden loss of libido, low level of muscular strength, sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction, etc. In case of women, itchiness of skin, drying up of vagina, formation of yeast, urinary tract infection, etc. are observed.

In sum, the signs of diabetes mellitus are slow in showing up, and are also often quite mild in nature. Upon sensing the likely occurrence of any of the aforesaid signs, you are advised to consult with a qualified practitioner on top priority basis.


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