The drug authorising agency based in the US – known as the food and drug administration (FDA) has cleared some meds for treating nerve-linked conditions. These meds are broadly categorised as antiepileptic drugs or as anticonvulsants. Several key substances present in this genre of meds are known to ease up the nerves. This action helps reduce / control spells of seizures fits or convulsions as well as nerve pains. Lyrica is a widely administered med in this category. But, is this med available in its generic form? It is a vital thing to gather needful inputs before starting treatment?

Conditions such as pain in your central nervous system (CNS) / nerves can be very discomforting. These conditions arise among people who have sustained prior injuries in their spinal section, those living with autoimmune disorders like diabetes; those who see an onset of shingles (an infectious condition) are also likely to witness nerve-related problems. Your treating doctor is likely to prescribe meds forming part of a category known as anticonvulsants or anti-epileptic drugs.

What is Lyrica?

This med is taken for treating painful nerves; a condition called fibromyalgia. These pains can be triggered by the onset of herpes zoster or among diabetic people (in the form of neuropathy), etc. If you have prior heart conditions or other autoimmune disorders – you are likely to see swelling of your legs. It hence becomes essential to inform your caregiver of prior ailments.

When reporting your medical track record, include incidence of mental problems, pulmonary conditions – such as asthma, bronchitis or bronchial asthma, etc., bleeding conditions like ulcers or internal lacerations, abuse of intoxicants such as cannabis / marijuana or alcohol.

Is Lyrica available as a generic med?

Yes, it is available as a generic form – known as pregabalin. Of the various version of Lyrica, a solution (liquid) form and its immediate release version are sold as a generic offering. These generics are broadly available in the US. However, the extended release version of Lyrica (widely known as Lyrica CR) is not sold as in its generic form.

You need to know that this generic version – i.e., pregabalin – has the approval of FDA for treating neuropathy among diabetics, neuralgia among people living with shingles, and pains experienced among people with damage of spinal cord / spinal injuries.

This generic version is sold in several dosage strengths; its composition varies from 25 milligrams (mg) to as high as 300 mg. Its liquid form is sold in a 473 milliliter (mL) bottle; it is known to contain 20 mg of pregabalin per mL.

Lyrica’s generic counterpart is affordable, leading to cost saving possibility. You are advised to check with the pharmacy (either online or drugstores) and also with your insurance service provider i.e., if you have a medication cover. You are likely to see a substantial cost differential when you buy capsules of pregabalin as compared to capsules of Lyrica. However, the liquid form of these variants of not offer much price-differential.

Other details you need to stay aware of

This drug is more likely to cause a few adverse effects; these include spells of dehydration. This is marked by drying of oral parts as well as parching of skin. If you sense difficulties while passing stools or a sudden gain in bodyweight, talk to your caregiver as soon as possible. In some one-off instances, users have experienced an enlargement of their breasts. It is a good practice to report to your doctor upon witnessing such changes.

Last but not least, the generic form of Lyrica is considered unsafe to be used among children or teens aged less than 18 years. Also, it is dangerous to administer it to those who already are having suicidal instincts. If you have any mental conditions – such as being depressed or restless, you are advised to consult with your caregiving team prior to the start of treatment.

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