Dietary supplements are widely used for treating or managing various conditions. By virtue of being a supplement that is often unregulated, questions arise about the efficacy and possible adverse effects. This is primarily as a result of long-term use of dietary supplements that may be necessary for certain conditions. MSM, acronym for methylsulfonylmethane is an organic form of sulfur, a naturally occurring compound in various food products. Synthetic forms of the compound are used as supplements to treat conditions that include pain in the joints, muscle pain and for relief from allergy. Here is a look at msm side effects heart and the best way to mitigate the same.

Overview and msm side effects heart

Before we look at the msm side effects heart it is essential to understand more about the benefits of the compound, and the manner in which it works. The benefits of the compound are attributed to the primary mechanism of action; the anti-inflammatory properties. Y virtue of bringing down the inflammation, the compound helps to deliver the desired outcomes from the supplements. The main conditions that are treated or managed through the supplements include arthritis, relief from certain allergies, and to help in muscle recovery after strenuous exercise sessions. While the supplements are also used to achieve relief from pain including arthritis, studies are ongoing to determine the actual efficacy and the long-term effects of using MSM.

Primary benefits and use cases of MSM

As we being to understand msm side effects heart better, here is a detailed look at the specific benefits and use cases. MSM is used for treating osteoarthritis, and pain in the joints. The condition refers to the gradual deterioration or aggravation of the joints, specifically the cartilage in the joints. The condition mainly occurs in the lower back, in the fingers, in the hands, the hips and the knees. Patients with eh condition typically experience moderate to severe pain in the joints, in addition to swelling and stiffness in the joints. This could have an impact on mobility of patients and also affect routines. The use of MSM dietary supplements had been documented to have desirable and positive outcomes on patients, delivering relief from pain in the joints and managing the condition.

In addition to the synthetic form of compound in the supplement, other active ingredients included vitamin C, and collagen, apart from other extracts. The combination of these ingredients is known to help deliver the desired outcomes and help patients experience benefits. Considerable improvements were reported by patients, with relief from inflammation or swelling, stiffness in the joints and pain. This helps individuals handle routines better, apart from involvement the positive effect on mobility. It is important to understand that studies reported positive effects on patients who had taken the supplements for more than six months. This helps understand the effects of long-term use of the supplements in the context of msm side effects heart.

The results of the supplements may differ from person to person and it is therefore incorrect to assume that the documented results are the standard. Other studies have reported that the supplements help in delivering results over a shorter period but may not be effective for long term use. Other uses cases include positive outcomes in recovery after indulging in strenuous exercises. It is necessary to learn about this in the context of msm side effects heart. Individuals who exercise end up with sore muscles, that is attributed to oxidative stress. The muscles in the body and the tissues are subjected to oxidative stress when individuals perform exercises or take up resistance training. As a consequence, soreness and pain is experienced in the muscles and joints. When individuals use MSM supplements, positive effects are experienced in relieving pain and discomfort that is associated post-workouts. This is attributed to the increase in antioxidant levels in the body. The use of MSM supplements for post-workout stress relief is different from use of MSM supplements for conditions such as arthritis and joint pain. Patients who use supplements for relief from exercises related soreness, typically take it for a short period and specifically only when taking part in strenuous workouts. Therefore, the possibility of msm side effects heart is less likely.

Use of MSM supplements for treating allergic conditions

Many patients experience certain symptoms as a result of allergic reactions. For instance, sneezing, coughing and intense itching are often a result of allergies as a result of coming into contact with allergens. Patients may also experience watering in the eyes when exposed to allergens that include mould, dust or pollen apart from dander. The last category is especially true in the case of individuals with pets or other livestock. Studies conducted on patients with allergic rhinitis revealed that MSM supplements helped manage the allergies better with good relief from the symptoms associated with the condition. Here, the possibility of long-term use is high as patients with allergic conditions may sometimes have to safeguard against allergies for a longer period.

MSM for managing gastric ulcers and msm side effects heart

MSM supplements are also used for treating gastric ulcers and the symptoms associated with the condition. The possibility of long-term use of MSM supplements and exposure to msm side effects heart is relatively less in such cases. This is because patients are more likely to stop taking the supplements when the condition is controlled. The stomach ulcers form in the lining of the stomach and the sores result in pain that could be either moderate or intense. The burning pain symptoms associated with the condition, are often accompanied by loss of weight, apart from bleeding in the stomach. Additionally, there is also the possibility of the patient frequently feeling vomiting sensations. The use of MSM supplements helps in reducing the intensity of the symptoms.

This is attributed to the mechanism of action of the supplements wherein the mucus layer in the stomach receives protection. The formation of sores in the lining of the stomach is the main reason for peptic ulcers, and when the mucus layer receives protection, the outbreak of sores is controlled. The anti-inflammatory properties of MSM supplements are the main reasons for the outcomes of the supplements on peptic ulcers.

Treatment of skin inflammation with MSM supplements

Among the various skin conditions that are commonly reported by individuals, Rosacea is considered as relatively common in occurrence. The condition refers to the reddish appearance of the skin the visibility of blood vessels on the face. As a consequence of this, there is also the possibility of pus formation on the skin. While this may appear similar to comedones associated with acne, the two are different. The condition is known to last for a period and may resolve either naturally or of treated accordingly. The application of topical forms of MSM are known to help treat the condition, and this is again attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties associated with MSM.

Since the condition is not long-term in nature, the possibility of msm side effects heart is relatively minimal. The topical application formulations typically include other ingredients such as milk thistle and silymarin. While, the studies conducted on the efficacy of the supplements may not be extensive enough, the formulation has been proven to have the desired outcomes. This is mainly because of the sulfur content that is known to deliver benefits to the skin. The effects of sulfur enriched skin formulations, including topical applications and washes have been proven and this makes the supplement a good option.

MSM side effects heart

Now that we have taken a good look at the benefits and the type of use – long-term or short term, it is time to look at msm side effects heart. Most side effects associated with medications or herbal supplements or natural supplements are often the result of incorrect dosage. As most supplements are unregulated, individuals wrongly consider the same to be safe, for unrestricted use. It is wrong to assume that supplements can be taken in any dosage and without any restrictions on the manner of consumption or application. There are clear side effects and adverse outcomes of incorrect dosage. For instance, studies have revealed that excessive dosage of MSM supplements can result in shrinking of organs that could have an adverse impact on health. Lab studies and reports detail the effects of excessive dosage on rats, which severely affected the liver and the spleen, apart from other organs.

Other msm side effects heart include the possible adverse drug interactions. Individuals on the supplements are advised to avoid blood thinners, as this could result in possible complications. Some of the symptoms associated with the combination include possible bouts of diarrhea and an upset stomach. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to monitor usage of the supplements, to avoid side effects. The ideal dosage is not to exceed 6 grams per day for certain conditions, while in most conditions the maximum dosage is not to exceed 3 grams per day. This will prevent the manifestation of side effects associated with excessive dosages.

One of the reasons why experts express a note of caution about the dosages is the possibility of gradual accumulation of the compound in the body over long term use. This build up may result in adverse effects as mentioned above. Therefore, individuals with certain conditions that require long term use are to seek medical advice before taking the supplement, while those taking the supplement for a shorter period are to carefully monitor the dosage.

Available as capsules as powder and as topical applications, the supplements are known to have desired outcomes when used correctly. It is essential to add here that an increase in dosage with expectations of better outcomes is misguided and could result in side effects. This is especially true in the case of individuals with chronic conditions that require long term use of the supplements. Topical applications typically include formulations where MSM is one of the ingredients and not the only ingredient. It is then necessary to ascertain the amount of MSM in the application and use the same accordingly to ensure that the desired dose is applied for best results.

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