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Skin infections like impetigo can occur at any part of the body. In almost all cases, you tend to have them occur on the facial parts. But, occurrence of infections on limbs – arms, is also quite common. Infections mostly start in the form of small-sized blister. These may soon open up, revealing moistened and reddened layers below the epidermis. Once you observe crust on these blisters, it indicates the condition is fast progressing. Meds such as mupirocin are widely used to treat such skin problems. However, can you use mupirocin ointment for acne? It is a useful thing to know more.

Treatment of skin conditions is essential to check their progress. Topically applied drugs are commonly prescribed to treat these problems. Those who leave them unattended may witness deeper penetration of the wounds and may also notice pus formation deep inside. Soon, bumps on your skin turn darker and thicker. You may be tempted to itch these wounds; but, itching can only worsen your condition.

What is mupirocin?

Mupirocin is a brand based on a composition known as bactroban. This drug is widely used to treat infections on skin, especially conditions such as impetigo. It has bactericidal or antibiotic potential; it helps stop the progression of bacteria that causes these skin problems. This med is used strictly for topical application. Patients need a very small quantum of this ointment. Typical use is for thrice within every 24-hour timeline.

Mupirocin ointment for acne

You can use this ointment for the outbreak of acne. But, you need to know that bacterial strands very rarely cause skin problems like acne. But, if your caregiver has diagnosed a strand is responsible for the incidence of acne, mupirocin is prescribed in such instances.

However, not all people with acne may respond well to the application of mupirocin. Studies indicate that this ointment works for some and has not worked for a few. Application of mupirocin for acne is for a duration of up to 2 weeks. Prolonged use of this med can make the microbe turn resistant to the active ingredients of the ointment.


Safe application of mupirocin for acne

You are advised to clean and wipe infected area prior to using mupirocin ointment. It is a wise thing to apply the med at same timeslots for faster relief. This ointment is known to cause a few counterproductive effects as well as some undesired outcomes. You need to know that your caregiving team has administered this cream as the merits are clearly more pronounce than the demerits.

The good news is – many users of mupirocin for acne rarely report any severely adverse effects. Of course, some minor discomforts are likely to occur; these are discomforts such as a stinging feeling, a burning sensation, reddening of skin, skin irritation, itchiness, etc.

On noticing acute episodes of stinging, burning or skin irritation, it is strongly recommended to stop applying soon after consulting with a qualified skin doctor / dermatologist. Moreover, use of mupirocin ointment over a longer timeframe can – at times – lead to growth of fungi or formation of yeast. It is a safe practice to apply this ointment under the supervision of a skin specialist.

In a few stray cases, severe side effects like formation of rashes on skin, swelling, itchiness and / or discoloration can show up upon using mupirocin for acne. In those instances, call your caregiver or take clinical support on a top priority basis.

Those in the US must reach out to 911 as quickly as possible. Users in any of the Canadian provinces must rush to a poison control unit nearer home. You can also reach out to Health Canada urgently. Lastly, do not use OTC meds for skin infections like impetigo. In order to know more about use of mupirocin ointment for acne, talk to your physician before starting the dosage plan.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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