Geriatrics involves medications to help treat conditions in addition to holistic options that help reverse the biological clock. Science has continually strived to come up with age reversal treatment regimens in an effort to improve health and the quality of life. Aging comes with attendant changes that include external, visible changes in appearance and a degradation of functioning and metabolic processes internally. As a result of the effect on functioning, individuals end up with weaker immune systems, ailments, and in ability to think or act with the same level of cognition as younger people. NMN supplements are part of the various treatment options typically used to reverse the signs of aging to some extent. As with all supplements, there is the possibility of undesirable effects; here is an in depth look at NMN supplement side effects.  


Can supplements help rejuvenate the epigenetic clock?


Aging brings with it various consequences, and a part of this is associated with a molecule that is present in all the cells of the body.  The molecule NAD+, degrades as a person ages and this is responsible for various ailments and visible changes in the body. NMN supplements are claimed to have an effect on this, thereby preventing or delaying the onset of aging related consequences.  Supplements and various other cosmetic or topical applications have been used throughout the ages to reduce the visible effects of aging.


The epigenetic clock, considered to be a measure of the biological age can now be set back to a certain extent, with multiple positive outcomes. Studies during trials have proved that rejuvenation is possible with the right kind of holistic approach. One of the elements of holistic approach includes the use of NMN supplements to increase bioavailability of niagen. Nicotinamide riboside, as niagen is popularly known is another type of vitamin B3, and it is responsible for boosting NAD+ levels in the body. As mentioned earlier, NAD+ is vital for multiple biological processes in the body and the gradual reduction of the molecule is one of the reasons for aging related effects.


What kind of benefits are possible from the supplements?


While it is too early to say that NMN supplements can be considered as a silver bullet for all issues related to aging, there are positive signs about the benefits. It is safe to state that there are substantiated benefits and there are claims about benefits that are yet to be established. The established benefits are primarily documented results of trials that have been conducted on laboratory animals. These effects were then reported by humans who subsequently took the supplements. Therefore, the claims were established and were considered as benefits.


The claims on probable benefits stem from the studies that have mapped or identified the mechanism of action of the supplements. The claims about the potential benefits are effectively, an extension of the mechanism of action.


#1 Benefit – bioavailability of NAD+


The primary benefit that is undisputed is the increase in NAD+ levels on intake of the supplements. The boost in levels or the bioavailability of NAD+ is considered as a huge effect on aging. NAD+, as outlined earlier is responsible for critical actions and responses within the body. Aging causes the levels of NAD+ to reduce, and this aggravates the results of aging.


There are documented studies that have clearly shown the link between certain age-related ailments and lower levels of NAD+. By increasing the levels of NAD+ it is possible to help the elderly fight off these age-related ailments to a certain extent.


#2 DNA repair and sirtuins


The repair of DNAs is considered as an essential activity, and the lack of timely repair is one of the reasons for health complications. Certain enzymes are known to be responsible for this repair action. There is a well-established link between Sirtuins, an enzyme, and DNA repair. This effectively means that an individual is likely to enjoy better health and live longer if DNA is repaired. NMN supplements activate Sirtuin enzymes and this delivers a positive outcome on aging related disease prevention.


The enzyme is also known to help individuals deal with stress. One of the reasons for poor health is stress, and enzymes that help to combat stress will have a positive effect on improving health. Sirtuins have other effects, including effects on inflammation and calories. By reducing inflammation, various health conditions that are linked to inflammation are dealt with effectively. Similarly, obesity related health conditions are also known to affect life span; by reducing calorie intake, sirtuins help to prevent obesity and the associated health conditions.


#3 Impact on brain


A key indicator of good health is a healthy brain. Various cognitive functions are typically impaired among the elderly. NMN supplements are known to have an indirect impact on brain health by boosting the NAD+ levels. Proteins that are produced are controlled or regulated and these proteins play a protective role.  Oxidation affects brain cells and this can have a detrimental effect on brain health. PGC-1 alpha, are proteins that protect the brain cells. The supplements help to control the production of these protein cells, which in turn grant greater protection to the brain cells from oxidation.


NMN supplements may also have an indirect effect on mitochondrial functioning. Oxidation is likely to cause a reduction in functioning, and the proteins through the oxidation barrier help to prevent this degradation. Common age-related conditions that have a huge impact on the quality of life of the elderly include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  By protecting or preventing brain health degradation it is possible to delay the onset of the above conditions. It is also possible to significantly reduce the effects of these brain health related conditions.


#4 Impact on cardiovascular health


Aging brings increased risk of heart attacks or cardiovascular events. This is mainly attributed to the thickening of the blood vessels. Other reasons that are a trigger for cardiovascular health related complications include increased blood pressure levels. The use of NMN supplements is likely to have a positive impact on heart health, as research on animals have shown a reduction in blood pressure levels and lesser hardening or thickening of the aorta. These effects will help reduce risks related to heart health complications.

Are the studies linked only to laboratory mice?


As outlined above, studies that have been conducted in the past have mainly been on laboratory animals that are known to have a similar biological make up as that of humans. However, in addition to the studies or research on mice, control groups of humans have also been given NMN supplements to study the effects. This has also helped to study possible nmn supplement side effects. Documented studies on control groups among humans have clearly shown an increase in NAD+ levels after intake of NMN supplements.


How do NMN supplements differ from other products on increasing levels of NAD+ in the blood


Research has shown that the blood levels of NAD+ increased by as much as 2.7 times upon intake of NMN supplements. In addition to the significant increase in blood levels of NAD+, the manner in which the increase occurs is also a positive sign for NMN supplements. Upon being consumed, the NMN supplements immediately work to increase NAD+ levels in the body. This puts it apart from other products that are used to increase NAD+ levels in the body. Most of the other formulations are known to take more time convert or boost NAD+ levels, while NMN supplements have a swift effect, boosting NAD+ levels in the blood almost immediately.


How much of NMN supplements can one take safely with the risk of side effects?


The possibility of overdoing the dosage is highly likely, due to two reasons. The first reason is the category of the product – supplements, that are not regulated like medications by the FDA.  The second is the attempt to take large dosages in an effort to experience faster or stronger results. Both the reasons are a recipe for possible nmn supplement side effects. Increased dosages will not have any faster effect or will not have a stronger impact. On the contrary, it is possible that unwanted effects may be experienced.


Ideal dosage strengths


The ideal dosages calibrated for various age groups are compiled below. These are not specific recommendations, and the actual dosage may differ, depending on various factors, including age-related health conditions.


Age group                          Dosage


30 to 40                              200 to 400 mg per day

40 to 50                              400 to 600 mg per day

50 to 60                              600 to 800 mg per day

Above 60                            800 to 1200 mg per day


Dosage calculated on basis of body weight


Dosage can also be calculated as per body weight – 8 mg per kg of body weight per day. It is essential to add that this calculation is to be used with extra caution. For instance, as per age categories, the dosages are lower for individuals between 30 to 40 years of age. When calculated on the basis of body weight, there is a likelihood of intake of increased dosage. It is therefore, best to stick to age group calculation for dosage for younger individuals and weight-based calculations for aged individuals.


How should the supplements be consumed?


The supplements are to be consumed in the recommended manner. It is recommended to be taken below the tongue in the mornings on an empty stomach. The supplements are also not to be mixed with other products.  This is because it is intended to increase the bioavailability of NAD+ and mixing it with other substances may not have the desired outcome. When taken as a delayed release capsule, it is best taken with a Sirtuin Activator – such as Resveratrol.


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