Declining levels of NAD+ are attributed to various effects in the body, including disease, lifespan and overall health. A key factor in metabolism, NAD, acronym for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), it is vital for the redox reactions, and is responsible for hundreds of important processes in the body. The levels increase and decrease as a result of various actions, including exercise, dietary intake and the time. The levels are known to naturally reduce with advancing age and restoration of NAD+ levels are known to have a significant impact on health and certain aging related actions. Subsequent sections will give insights into the importance of the coenzyme, in addition to information about preventing possible NMN supplement side effects arising out of improper usage or incorrect dosage.


Overview of NAD


Responsible for more than 500 enzymatic reactions, NAD is involved in most crucial biological processes in the body. By restoring NAD levels in the bodies of individuals with ailments, it is possible to help improve health.  Breakthrough research has proven the importance of NAD+ in the cellular functions, including DNA repair and gene expression. This is precisely the reason for NAD to be considered as an effective option in disease management and in the field of geriatrics.  Various changes are linked to the natural aging process – visible changes in appearance, impact on metabolic processes and functioning of the body/organs. Consequently, there is an impact on the body’s immune system, exposing individuals to the possibility of ailments, apart from impaired or reduced cognitive abilities. NMN supplements are known to boost the NAD+ levels, thereby helping to restore or reverse certain aging related outcomes, to a certain level.


Outcomes of supplement use and NAD levels in the blood


There are clearly documented reports that indicate the effect of supplements in boosting NAD blood levels. While this is essentially a nascent stage, and additional more detailed studies may be required to actually claim with certainty, it is easy to link supplements with benefits. Studies have been primarily performed on laboratory mice that are known to be biologically similar to humans, and on the basis of the results, the humans consumed the supplements to establish or document the benefits.  Most of the studies revolve around the mechanism of action of the supplements and the impact of the mechanism of action on the body. This helps identify the possible benefits in addition to reports from users of the supplements. Let’s understand how to avoid NMN supplement side effects and learn more about the benefits.


Tips to avoid undesirable effects


Simple measures can prevent any possible undesirable effects, as users may experience unsavoury effects at times.  For instance, it is to be taken on an empty stomach, by placing it below the tongue in the mornings. Individuals who mix the supplements with other products may have lesser outcomes. When consumed as a delayed release formulation, a Sirtuin Activator is to be taken with the supplement.



#1 Increase in NAD+ levels


As mentioned above, NAD+ levels are linked to dietary intake, apart from other factors. Aging individuals are known to consume lesser food and may also end up skipping certain ingredients. This may have an impact on the NAD+ levels in the blood. The use of NMN supplements is known to have an impact on the blood levels of NAD+ and this has been studied to understand the impact on aging. Lowered levels of NAD+ are known to have a significant impact on overall health, especially age-related conditions. By boosting NAD+ levels in the blood through NMN supplements it is possible to combat some of the effects and also restore health.

#2 Activation of important enzymes 


The supplements are known to activate certain enzymes that have an important role in various actions. For instance, Sirtuins are known to be linked conclusively with DNA repair, which is a vital action in the body. DNA that is not repaired on time can result in health complications and disease, and the elderly are often affected as a result of this condition. Whenever DNA is repaired on time and effectively, the possibility of disease is less, in addition to the impact of lifespan.


The mechanism of action of NMN supplements includes activation of Sirtuin enzymes and the consequence of this is disease prevention and overall improvement in health. The enzyme Sirtun also has other effects on individuals. It is known to reduce stress and this has an indirect result on health. In addition to the above, the enzyme is also known to deliver positive outcomes by reducing inflammation, which in turn helps in dealing with diseases that are caused by inflammation. Additionally, one of the outcomes of various diseases is inflammation, and Sirtuins, by virtue of helping fight inflammation, bring down the symptoms or effects of disease. The enzyme is also known to have an effect on patients suffering from obesity. It helps reduce calorie intake, thereby preventing obesity related health complications.


#3 Cognitive abilities


NMN supplements boost NAD+ levels which triggers positive outcomes and effects on the brain. It helps in the control/regulation of proteins that are responsible for exerting a protective role in the brain. For instance, PGC-1 alpha refers to protein cells in the brain, that help prevent oxidation which is known to cause damage to brain health. NMN supplements play an important role in the production of these protein cells, and thereby help prevent oxidation from affecting the brain cells.


In addition to the above, NMN supplements also help prevent oxidation and its effects on mitochondrial functioning. By creating an oxidation barrier, the proteins prevent oxidation and the onset of degenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  The dual effects of the proteins and prevention of oxidation is delayed onset of age-related degenerative conditions and mitigation of symptoms or outcomes attributed to the above conditions.


#4 Heart conditions


One of the effects of advancing age is the possible exposure to heart attacks or cardiovascular events. As individuals age, there is the possibility of a thickening of the blood vessels, apart from an increase in blood pressure levels. These two conditions may result in possible heart health issues and risk of attacks. The effects of NMN supplements on heart health has been studied on laboratory animals and the results have shown a positive impact on both the above effects. Reduced blood pressure levels and a reduction in the hardening of the aorta has been witnessed on animals that were given NMN formulations. This showcases the promise of positive effects of the supplements on heart health issues, and could help patients, especially the elderly, from heightened risk of heart disease.


Study related information


Most individuals are likely to dismiss the claims of the effects of the supplements on animals, and the findings of the studies. However, it is important to add that the studies were not restricted to animals alone, but were initially tried out on animals, following which humans were also administered dosages to document the effects. Control groups of volunteers were part of the study with one group being given the supplements, while another group was not given NMN supplements. The results and the contrasting effects were documented to understand the impact. The measurable impact of the supplements was recorded, and the study was also the basis for learning more about NMN supplement side effects. The results of the studies all indicated a significant increase NAD+ levels in the blood among groups that were given the supplements.


Link between NAD+ and aging


NAD+ is present in all the cells and degrades with aging, as outlined above, and in turn is responsible for health complications and degenerative conditions. NMN supplements help boost the blood levels of NAD+ and this helps prevent/delay the onset of health complications. NMN supplements helps to increase the bioavailability of Nicotinamide riboside, is effectively a type of vitamin B3. It is commonly known as niagen, and helps increase NAD+ blood levels, thereby warding of age-related degenerative conditions and health issues.


Standout effects of NMN supplements  


Various products are on offer to help in the increase of NAD+ in the body. However, NMN supplements are known to be more popular, due to the increase in NAD+ levels by 2.7 times. This gives it an edge over other products and supplements. Apart from the increase, the speed of increase also makes NMN supplements a preferred choice over other products. Available formulations typically convert or increase NAD+ levels relatively slowly when compared with NMN supplements, and this makes the latter a stronger and popular choice.


Side effects due to excessive dosage


A risk associated with NMN supplements or other supplements is the absence of a prescription and strict dosage recommendations. In the absence of a prescription, the products are not regulated by the FDA, and the absence of strict dosage recommendations ends up pushing users to try out excessive strengths. This increases the possibility of nmn supplement side effects and it is necessary to follow recommendations of ideal dosages as listed below. It is important to note that the following recommendations are a compilation and the actual recommended strengths may differ from person to person. This may depend on various factors such as the actual health condition of the user, age related requirements and other medications being consumed.


Individuals between the age of 30 to 40 are recommended daily dosages of 200 to 400 mg

Individuals between the age of 40 to 50 are recommended daily dosages of 400 to 600 mg

Individuals between the age of 50 to 60 are recommended daily dosages of 600 to 800 mg

Individuals above the age of 60 are recommended daily dosages of 800 to 1200 mg


The recommended dosage can also be determined on the basis of body weight of the individual. The ideal daily intake through this calculation is 8 mg per kilogram of body weight. This is to be taken after considering the age-related dosage recommendations. For instance, while the per kilogram body weight calculation of an individual who is heavy or obese may be a certain value, the same value may be significantly lower when calculated on the basis of the age group or category. In such circumstances, the best option is to opt for the age group related dosage recommendations.




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