The search for products that can help reverse the signs and effects of aging has been a part of history. Various effects manifest in humans with advancing age – this includes changes that are visible externally and changes that gradually weaken the body internally. The impact of aging on various organs and functions of the body affects overall health and exposes the elderly to elevated risk levels, and impairs cognitive functions. Various actions have been linked to NAD+, present in every cell of the body. This molecule suffers degradation with advancing age and result in age related health conditions. The use of NMN supplements is known to help counter the effects of aging on the inside.


Overview of NMN supplements  

 The use of other topical applications and medications have already proven to be helpful in managing the visible effects of aging on the skin. NMN supplements are intended to help the elderly manage health conditions through bioavailability of niagen for quick conversion into NAD+. Here is a close look at the proven, potential benefits of the anti-aging supplement, the recommended dosage range for various age groups and possible nmn supplement side effects.  This will help potential users remain aware of the need for caution, and help in managing any possible adverse outcomes effectively.


Proven benefits of NMN supplements

 The benefits of the supplements can be broadly classified into two different types – proven and potential. The proven benefits are the results of studies conducted on animals, and reported by humans who have used the product. The potential benefits are the expected benefits, that are linked to the mechanism of action of the supplement and the results of studies conducted on control groups of animals. Here is a close look at the potential and proven benefits of the supplement.


Converted to NAD+

NMN is regarded as one of the easiest to be converted substance into NAD+, which is effectively a co-enzyme. This coenzyme has an important role to play in multiple vital biological actions/reactions. The levels of the coenzyme are known to drop with advancing age. As a result of this dip in the levels of NAD+, individuals experience various effects of aging. Diseases that are linked to advancing age are also linked to the low levels of NAD+, and the use of NMN supplements is expected to help individuals manage or delay the onset of age-related diseases.


Blood levels of NAD+

Studies that have been conducted on animals have demonstrated that the use of NMN supplements help to increase NAD+ levels in the blood by as much as 2.7 times. One of the more distinct and unique advantages of NMN supplements is its ready use when made available. For instance, when NMN supplements are consumed, and made available to the body, it is used immediately when required, helping boost NAD+ levels in the blood. This makes it unique and different from other NAD+ precursors, that are generally used for converting into NAD+.


Science backed benefits

Other science backed benefits of NMN supplements is the activation of other enzymes that are known to be responsible for various aging related positive actions. For instance, it is known to improve sirtuins, that are directly linked to lifespan and health. Sirtuins are known to repair DNAs that are damaged, and this helps individuals recover or prevent adverse health conditions. Similarly, sirtuins are also responsible for helping individuals cope with stress, as this can also have an impact on overall health. Other benefits that are associated with sirtuins include the positive effect on inflammation, which is responsible for multiple health conditions.  Finally, sirtuins are also linked to calorie restriction, which helps in maintaining health and preventing weight or obesity related health conditions.


Improvement in brain cell health


The impact of NAD+ levels extend to brain cells, and plays an important role in helping aged people.  The presence of the right levels of NAD+ is linked to better control over production of proteins that are responsible protecting the cells. For instance, brain cells are prone to possible oxidative stress and the protein, PGC-1 alpha is known to help afford protection. Similarly, the protein also has a role to play in protecting or preventing possible reduced mitochondrial function. Studies have clearly documented that oxidative stress and reduced mitochondrial function are responsible for various conditions among the elderly. For instance, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are two of the most common age-related brain health conditions that afflict the elderly.


The use of NMN supplements is expected to help raise NAD+ levels in addition to boosting the levels of the protein PGC-1 alpha. The significant increase in the levels of NAD+ and PGC-1 alpha protein is expected to help improve cognitive abilities of the elderly. Studies conducted on mice have reportedly shown a marked improvement and similar improvements are expected among the elderly. It is important to note that studies, in this particular effect, have not been limited to mice alone. Studies have also been conducted on the brain cells of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the NAD+ levels were found to have increased.


Possible positive outcome in individuals with risk of heart disease

One of the health risks associated with aging, is the possibility of heart attacks or other cardiovascular events. For instance, thickening of the blood vessels, increase in blood pressure levels and increased burden on the heart all contribute to elevated risk levels. Studies conducted in laboratory animals have demonstrated a lessening of conditions that are attributed to aging and heat condition. For instance, lower blood pressure, a reduction in the stiffening in the aorta have reportedly shown promise of helping lower age-related risks.


Safe dosages to meet specific age-related requirements


Dosage is one of the most important parameters that need to be considered by individuals on medications, OTC formulations or supplements. Users typically have a tendency to take excessive doses of supplements in an attempt to see better or faster results. However, this is incorrect and will neither have effect on the speed nor will it improve the effects. Rather, the opposite is likely to be experienced, with individuals sometimes bearing the brunt of undesirable effects that are linked to excessive dosages.


Here is a look at the recommended dosages of NMN, for specific age groups. It is important to bear in mind that these are broad recommendations on the basis of average requirements, calculated for healthy individuals. There may be a slight difference in actual dosage among users, that will be typically on the basis of age-related health conditions. Individuals between the ages of 30 and 40 are generally recommended a dosage between 200 to 400 mg per day. The dosage range increases with age, and individuals between the ages of 40 and 50 are ideally recommended a dosage anywhere between 400 to 600 mg per day.  Similarly, individuals between 50 and 60 years of age are typically recommended a higher dosage between 600 to 800 mg per day. Finally, individuals above the age of 60 are advised to intake anywhere between 800 to 1200 mg per day, and the exact dosage may be worked out on the basis of age and other associated health conditions.


The dosages are also calculated on the basis of body weight. For instance, the worked out average intake for every kilo of body weight is 8 mg per kg per day. Using this as the basis for calculating dosage may actually end up with higher dosage intake among individuals in the lower age groups. For instance, anyone between the ages of 30 and 40 with a body weight of 70 kg may end up taking more than the recommended dosage worked out for different age groups. The mg per kilo of body weight calculation is to be ideally used only for those in the higher age group bands.


Ideal method and time of consumption


In addition to the need for consuming the right dosage, it is also necessary to take the supplement in the right manner at the right time. For instance, the supplement is best taken on an empty stomach, in the mornings. It is to be remembered that the supplement is not to be mixed with other substances as it can significantly reduce the bioavailability of the supplement. It is to be taken directly, without water or any liquids, beneath the tongue, for best results. The supplement when taken in delayed release capsule form is also recommended to be taken along with a Sirtuins Activator. Commonly known as Resveratrol, the Sirtuins Activator is generally taken with yoghurt for maximizing the bioavailability. The best for of yoghurt in such instances, is the full fat variety.


Commonly reported nmn supplement side effects


With the above information giving a fair idea of the benefits and the desired outcomes of niagen or NMN supplements, it is time to take a look at the unwanted or adverse outcomes of the supplement. The supplement is regarded as safe and as of date there are relatively few side effects that have been reported or documented. The use of NMN supplements will not trigger facial flushing that is typically reported with vitamin B3 supplements. It is possible that certain categories of individuals may have experienced some form adverse effects when on the supplements, and may not have reported the same.


Studies conducted on control groups have not reported any serious side effects. However, studies that have been conducted have generally been short term in nature, and a full-fledged study conducted on a long-term basis may help gain additional info on any possible long term adverse effects.  Most of the studies conducted have reportedly been on animals that are typically used for testing products.


The most commonly reported unwanted outcomes are reportedly minor or moderate in nature. These effects do not typically require any medical intervention or are not cause for concern. For instance, individuals on the supplements have reported experiencing fatigue that is not linked to any other condition. Similarly, users have also reported experiencing nausea when on the supplements, while some have ended up with diarrhea. Other conditions include possible discomfort in the stomach, that may or may not be accompanied by indigestion. Finally, users have also experienced headaches when on the supplements.

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