Spasms are one of the leading causes of back pain as well as joint pains. This condition shows up as tightening of your muscles. Though these are commonly experienced in the lower limbs, you may encounter cramps in any part of your body. Improper or inadequate flow of blood is often attributed as a lead cause for back pains to show up. Elderly people and especially those with weak bones or athletes are more likely to experience back pain. Drugs such as Flexeril are prescribed for the management of such pains. But, can you take this drug along with prednisone? It makes a lot of sense to know more about this.

Back pain remains a salient reason for disability across the world. It is also a major cause for many people to stay away from work or visit a healthcare setting. The typical signs of back pain include an acute episode of pain from a muscle in your back region; at times, it may show up as a stabbing feeling. These discomforts may worsen when you walk, stand, or twist your lower limb(s). It is safe to consult with a qualified doctor – especially, when the pains are lasting for more than a week or if the pain gets severe with each passing day.

Back pain may occur when you have made a sudden or jerky movement of your legs or when you are lifting a very heavy object(s) regularly. You may also see such pains when the cushioning pads – known as discs go bulging or get swollen. People living with autoimmune conditions such as arthritis or osteoarthritis are more likely to witness back pain. In general, those who are aged above 35 years are at added risk; if you are not working out regularly or if you are obese, these risks can only get worse.

What is Flexeril?

The generic name of this drug is cyclobenzaprine. It is widely used for treating severe back pain as well as muscular spasms. It belongs to a class of drugs known as muscle relaxing meds. This drug may cause a few unwanted or adverse side effects; such effects include an excessive feeling of lethargy or sleepiness, blurring of eyesight, feeling dizzy as well as tired. You may feel very weak and may even witness a marked drop in coordination. Some users have also reported severe spells of dehydration; this is marked by drying of lips, and parching of the throat or tongue.

Flexeril works by calming down your central nervous system (CNS) and thus relaxes the muscles which have turned tight or rigid. The active ingredients bring about a complete relaxation and manage acute back pains, caused by spasms. Owing to the excessive levels of dizziness it can cause, this med is also used as a sleeping aid. This drug however can be habit-forming. People may turn addicted to it if used for a longer span of time. It is hence dangerous to take it through the self-medication route. You are advised to use it as prescribed by your treating physician and/or pharmacist. Above all, it is essential to stop taking this med once your caregiver advises you to discontinue the dosage plan.

What is prednisone?

Prednisone is a steroid (belonging to a class of meds known as corticosteroids); it is widely prescribed for the clinical management of inflammation at the joints – caused by arthritis as well as a few other autoimmune conditions such as tumors, allergic reactions that show up as respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma or other chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders (COPD). This med may cause a few unwanted side effects or adverse reactions. These are – abdominal problems such as nausea and vomiting or skin problems like acne, drop in appetite levels, sleeping problems, or insomnia. You may also witness swelling of the face, erratic pulse rates, cramping of muscles, etc.

This drug can stop back pain (or joint pains) by suppressing your immunity levels. In case of arthritis or other autoimmune problems, your immune system starts attacking your own healthy cells. These may soon lead to swelling as well as damage to cells. The critical aspect of this drug is its ability to stop making a few proteins – known as cytokines; these proteins work as messengers in transporting signals through your central nervous system. Medical studies indicate that when your body makes excessive levels of this protein, you are likely to encounter autoimmune conditions – such as arthritis, a few types of tumors or other eye-related problems.

Prednisone also regulates the flow of molecules into or outside your arteries. This regulation leads to decreasing in edema (especially tissue-based edema); which shows up as bulging or inflammation of arteries. It is however important to remember that prednisone is prescribed only over a shorter span of time for treating pains. This steroid is used as a treatment bridge while your system waits for disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs – DMARDs, in short – to take effect. These DMARDs are very slow to act; often, it may take more than 5 to 7 months for their effects to start showing. Prednisone is used to provide interim relief from pains – especially pains in the joints and back.

Similarities between Flexeril and prednisone while used for back pain

Both these drugs are mainly used for the short term. In the case of Flexeril, usage is maintained for a period of 20 days or even less. It is hence important to tell your treating physician if your condition persists or worsens after taking these drugs for 15 to 21 days. Both these drugs can make you drowsy and may lead to acute spells of dizziness. You may also experience tiredness as well as dehydration. In some one-off instances, users have complained of constipation or difficulties passing stools. In general, it is a safe practice to drink ample amounts of water while taking either of these meds.

If either of these drugs causes itchiness, inflammation of facial parts or oral organs, respiratory problems (such as gasping or wheezing), erratic heartbeat, etc., you are advised to seek medical help on an emergency basis. Those living in the US may call 911 or call the helpdesk of the food and drug administration (FDA); on the other hand, residents of Canada can either reach out to Health Canada or call a poison control center operating closer to where they live. 


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