Oil extracted from hemp is endowed with a lot of medical benefits. It is a natural substance administered for the treatment of a wide range of health problems. Low share of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD) content makes it relatively safer to use – as compared to other drugs. It derives its key advantage from the presence of a very minimal amount of THC; this makes the oil suitable for therapeutic uses rather than for getting a “high” or a mind bending or mind-altering experience. Though it is used widely, a prior understanding of the side effects of CBD oil can be of good help.

Hemp is rich with many varieties of cannabinoid-substances and there are multiple sub-types of plants under the hemp family. A hemp variety that goes with a botanical name Cannabis sativa is unique in many ways. The presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is found at a very low level in this plant. This makes it a preferred herb for medicinal use than for recreational purpose.

Merits of CBD oil

Presence of cannabidiol (CBD) in abundant amount is another major advantage of this genre of hemp. Why? Your body has an internal system of cannabinoids. Your body also has an abundance of receptors of cannabinoids. These are present in your nervous system and brain. This vast network of receptors is primed to respond to both cannabinoids your body makes naturally as well as to cannabinoids sourced from plants such as marijuana, hemp, etc.

CBD oil’s main function is to stimulate the way your own cannabinoid-receptor system works. Thus, the oil regulates cells in your nervous system (CNS) and brain. The other merits of CBD oil are the presence of antioxidants, essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These also add to boosting your health in more ways than one.

Medical uses of CBD oil

The oil is increasingly being used for treating people with autoimmune medical conditions such as arthritis, swelling, persistent pain as well as skin related disorders. It is also known to offer relief from sleep-related problems, high level of anxiety, stress levels and restlessness. Of the other extended uses of CBD oil, it is administered to relax vessels carrying blood – especially, your arteries; it also helps reduce insulin levels; controls the symptoms of eczema as well as acne and stimulates your immunity system by controlling excessively active parts of your system. CBD oil also has relaxation capabilities and hence is used as medicine to treat psychosis.

Common side effects of CBD oil

CBD oil can trigger a few side effects. But, when the oil is used in low quantities, its side effects are unlikely to show up. Upon a moderate usage of CBD oil, the most common side effects and reactions include a decrease in blood pressure levels (i.e., hypotension), impairment of motor skills, dizziness, dryness of mouth (dehydration), tiredness, etc. However, since it is considered as a very potent drug, you may need to be cautious prior to its usage. The common side effects of CBD oil are listed below-

– Impaired movements: This can show up due to a spell of dizziness or drowsiness. This effect is known to occur when an undiluted dose of CBD oil is used. But, this is only a short term effect and it usually eases off in a few hours. People using lower quantities or diluted version of CBD oil may not even experience this side effect.

– Fatigue and sedation: These effects may occur when you are using CBD oil in larger quantities. This is an extended effect of getting a high. Due to these effects, soon after a dose of CBD oil, you are advised not to work on heavy machinery as well as avoid engaging in activities which may require a reasonably high level of mental agility and alertness.

– Drop in blood pressure level: CBD oil has a telling impact on your blood pressure level. Its ability to trigger hypotension (i.e., lowered levels of blood pressure) enables its usage in controlling high blood pressure. You need to be cautious while using it as a treatment for cardiac conditions as this oil can result in an extremely low level of blood pressure.

– Sudden increase in bodyweight: CBD oil enables regulating your appetite. You need to be conscious of the likely risks of eating excessively. Also, you may be tempted to snack between your meals. All these temptations may lead to an increase in your body weight.

Other precautions associated with usage of CBD oil

As this oil is slowly gaining popularity, a lot of oil makers are foraying into the manufacture of CBD oil. When the oil is made by small businesses, they may not adhere to standard manufacturing practices. As a result, the quality of their final product may not be high. Consumption of such spurious oils can lead to severe side effects, including stomach related problems.

Medical research has not provided much conclusive evidence on the safety of CBD oil on pregnant women. Women in the mid or advanced stages of their pregnancy may use this oil to ease their mental anxiety levels as well as to ease pains in their muscles. Pregnant women are advised to consult their doctor before starting to use CBD oil.

Also, some products made from hemp may be considered as illegal from a federal outlook. However, hemp-based CBD oil may be legal in several states in the US. So, prior to using it, check with laws of the state you are residing in. If you are moving from one state to another or if you are on an inter-state tour, you need to doubly ensure that the usage of CBD oil is well within the legal framework of the state or city you are currently touring.

Above all, many of CBD-based medications as well as oils may not have the approval of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is quite likely that the makers of these products are not governed by a regulatory agency such as FDA. The information you will find on the drug’s label may be incorrect in some instances. In other cases, the very sale of CBD oil may not be legal within a state (where it is currently prohibited). Such products are very likely to lead to serious side effects. It is hence a good practice to check with your doctor upon experiencing acute and serious reactions or side effects.

In sum, CBD oil is neither intoxicating nor psychoactive; this means, people of different age groups can take it. As many below-par companies have started manufacturing CBD oil, you need to be careful before choosing a product. It also becomes necessary to check if the maker has adhered to proper standards of cultivation of hemp as well as followed the standard methods of extraction. Prior to buying CBD oil, it is a good practice to check the maker’s credentials as well as do adequate homework. You can also check the website of the maker and read reviews posted by users to validate safety of CBD oils sold.

Food and Drug Administration is yet to issue safe consumption norms for CBD oil. You are hence advised to use oils with very low concentration, especially to start with. Based on the improvements seen in your system as well as the extent of side effects experienced, you may strengthen or maintain the dosage levels. But, you need to remember that one standard dosage may never be suiting all, and the dosage suiting you well may not be considered suitable to another person with a similar medical condition.


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