From time immemorial, the desire of every woman is to have flawless skin and complexion, with an appearance that is smooth and supple. Some are endowed with natural beauty, while others have to put up with less than desirable skin condition. Throughout the ages, mankind has resorted to various options to improve skin tone and condition. Among the various skin conditions, strawberry legs cause considerable embarrassment to women and end up having an impact on confidence levels. There are many effective methods to mask and to manage condition in a simple way. Here is a look at practical methods on how to get rid of strawberry legs.

What are strawberry legs and how to get rid of strawberry legs?

Strawberry legs refer to the condition where the skin on the legs appear pitted with spots and look similar to the surface of strawberries. The condition is primarily as a result of comedones forming on the skin, that trap either oil, bacteria or hair follicles. Skin conditions that are responsible for strawberry legs include – folliculitis, keratosis pilaris and dry skin. There are three distinguishable features of strawberry legs – dark open pores on the skin, dotted/pitted skin, appearance of dark spots on shaving legs. Before we look at methods on how to get rid of strawberry legs it is necessary to learn a little more about the condition.

Typically, the condition is not painful or does not cause any itching. It is generally a visible skin condition that needs to be treated. In very rare instances it could be the result of some underlying condition, which would necessitate additional diagnosis. In most cases, the appearance of the pits or spots occur after shaving. Now that we have a fair idea of the condition, lets look at methods on how to get rid of strawberry legs. Prevention is always a better option and it is the same with strawberry legs. It is possible to avoid the condition with simple steps, with the only exception being underlying skin conditions that could be responsible for strawberry legs.

Best preventive methods for getting rid of strawberry legs

Simple preventive methods include home remedies and treatment options from trained dermatologists. Home remedies include the use of good shaving cream when shaving the hair on legs. Most individuals make the mistake of dry shaving legs. In other words, individuals are known to dampen the legs with water and run a razor. This is not the best method of shaving and it is essential to use a good shaving cream. The area of skin on the legs are considerable and it is therefore necessary to use a good sharp razor. Old razors that are blunt and not sharp enough end up creating opportunities for hair follicles to trap dirt, bacteria and oil, which in turn become comedones.

Before we dwell on methods about how to get rid of strawberry legs it is time to understand the importance of ensuring that the skin on the legs needs to be moisturized properly. This needs to be done prior to shaving and after shaving. When the legs are shaved without a good moisturizer, there is a possibility of the skin turning dry and this could result in conditions that are conducive for strawberry legs. Exfoliating the skin on the legs is important and this needs to be done periodically. With proper exfoliation, the possibility of comedones trapping dead skin cells, bacteria or oil is eliminated and this will help prevent the formation of strawberry legs. Exfoliation helps keep the skin soft and supple, and free from clogged pores, which are one of the reasons for the formation of comedones.

Hair removal through epilators

Among the methods used for hair removal, the use of epilators are regarded as more effective. Epilators are regarded as being more skin friendly, with relatively lesser damage to the skin than other techniques, including waxing. Epilators remove hair at the follicle level and this ensures that hair does not trap dirt, bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. The electrical device, is easy to use, with faster hair removal. Additionally, hair removal is more thorough and does not leave residual hair that could cause comedones. One of the reasons why individuals shy away from using epilators is the slight discomfort associated with its use. Epilators are known to be slightly painful when compared with other hair removal methods, and this causes individuals to look at more painless options.

Long term hair removal through lasers

Individuals who are desirous of techniques that offer hair removal for longer periods could look at laser removal. While it is not a method that permanently removes hair, it offers long term results. The method involves the use of lasers to destroy hair follicles by travelling down the pigment and each hair follicle to destroy it. The treatment may require multiple sittings and this is probably why the option is preferred by individuals in certain industries, and is not very commonly used by the average person. The possibility of hair regrowth in the same area cannot be completely ruled out and this makes it necessary to opt for multiple sittings.

How to get rid of strawberry legs : treatment options

With the preventive methods of the way, it is time to look at various treatment options. For instance, the use of moisturizing creams are considered as one of the effective methods about how to get rid of strawberry legs. Hydrating the skin is essential to prevent it from drying up and from dead skin clogging the pores in the skin. Moisturising the skin offers results that are fast and easily visible, with the characteristics associated with strawberry legs quickly improving. Additionally, moisturising the skin helps to prevent the condition from occurring again in the future.

The application of salicylic acid or glycolic acid is considered as another highly effective method to treat the condition. Typically used for treating acne, salicylic acid or glycolic acid offer good results, as the mechanism of action is effective in treating the comedones. As the conditions in strawberry legs and the characteristics of acne have striking similarities, the acids offer best results.

Popular home remedies

Three popular home remedies include – Sugar & Aloe vera Scrub, Cucumber & Rose Water Scrub and Oatmeal & Cream Scrub. These scrubs typically remove the dead skin cells and some of the ingredients are natural skin exfoliators. By opening up the pores of the skin, these scrubs help to hydrate the skin and remove the comedones simultaneously. Similarly, some of the ingredients of the scrub are also rich antioxidants and help in unclogging pores, while having a soothing effect on skin. This helps to manage the inflammation and give the skin a smooth, glowing appearance. The natural scrubs are typically applied once in a fortnight, and this periodic management is considered as an effective preventive and treatment option for strawberry legs.

How to get rid of strawberry legs : other lines of treatment

There are other lines of treatment that can be used for treating strawberry legs. For instance, individuals may have certain underlying medical conditions that are responsible for strawberry legs. In such situations it is necessary to look at medical treatment options. Electrolysis is the first option deployed to treat strawberry legs that are attributed to underlying conditions that cannot be resolved through simple home remedies. The method involves the use of electricity to zero in on hair follicles and prevent the growth of hair. This is typically used to target hair follicles that are ‘ingrown’. This condition ‘ingrowth of hairs’ refers to hair that grows back into the skin, resulting inflammation and other consequences, including comedones. Individuals with hair that is curly in nature or coarse are more likely to experience the condition.

As mentioned earlier about how to get rid of strawberry legs laser therapy is another effective method that is preventive in nature. However, the method is also effective as a treatment option for individuals with visible conditions of strawberry legs. The advantage of laser therapy is the ability to focus on a large area at the same time. The results of laser hair removal are extremely satisfying, and in combination with the long term results, the method is regarded as one of the best.

How to get rid of strawberry legs by managing conditions that are responsible

Underlying conditions are often responsible for strawberry legs and this makes it necessary to treat the underlying conditions. Among the methods about how to get rid of strawberry legs the management of fungal infections and bacterial infections assume importance. Inflammation of the skin and the formation of comedones are attributed to bacterial or fungal infections. Hair follicles are often affected by infections and this could result in the formation of comedones which later result in the typical conditions of strawberry legs. By treating the bacterial infections and the fungal infections it is possible to get rid of the symptoms of strawberry legs.


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