Brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, etc. play a critical role in maintaining your moods. An imbalance of these substances may result in depression or mood swings. In such instances, drugs are taken to maintain a healthy level of serotonin (dopamine as well as norepinephrine). Of these transmitting chemicals, serotonin has a direct bearing on your mental health, moods as well as overall wellbeing. Sertraline is a widely administered drug to increase the availability of serotonin. But, what are its branded formulations? It becomes important to know more on this count.

Studies indicate that those who have an optimal presence of serotonin never or every rarely go through phases of depression. But, those who live a suboptimal level of one or more of these brain chemicals may witness mental conditions such as mood shifts, anxieties, etc. Your treating physician may recommend antidepressants for the treatment of such mental problems. Treatment plans aim to restore a balanced presence of neuro-transmitting substances to boost mental health. Of the many types of drugs, a class known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibiting (SSRI) meds is widely administered. Sertraline belongs to this class and it is consumed for treating depression, social anxieties, phobias, fears and psychosis.

The essential function of sertraline is to boost the presence of neuro substances – especially, serotonin. Once you have ample amount of serotonin, you tend to stay calm and your mind gets rid of undesired thoughts and fears, if any. Once fears are allayed, your appetite turns to a normal level, sleep cycles get streamlined and also, overall energy levels get a fresh boost. You need to know that sertraline is taken along with a few anxiety decreasing techniques. These techniques include exercising or working out, eating a balanced diet as well as pursuing mind relaxation measures.

Branded formulations of sertraline

This antidepressant is sold under many brand names. One of the leading brands is called Zoloft, Lustral, etc. These branded formulations are commonly used for treating anxieties, depression, panic, obsessive compulsive disorders as well as post-traumatic stress disorders. The usual dose is taken orally and is consumed either before or after a meal. You may take it either during breakfast or after dinner i.e., prior to your bedtime. In general, smaller dosage forms – starting from 25 milligrams (mg) to 100 mg are taken along with food. On the other hand, dosages exceeding 100 mg are taken either with or without a meal.

Branded formulations are available in many versions namely, pills, capsules, extended release as well as a syrup form. While taking pills, never break or crush them. Those who are prescribed with a liquid form of sertraline are advised to use the cup provided along with the pack. Never use a spoon or a ladle from your household. Such practices may often lead to an overdosed condition. Also, no two people who are depressed and living with anxieties are prescribed with the same dosage strength. Your dosage value will depend on your age, prior allergies or episodes of hypersensitivity amid a few other factors such as body weight and prior ailments, if any. It is not a safe practice to increase the dosages of the branded formulations of sertraline without your treating doctor’s consent.

Common side effects branded formulations of sertraline are likely to trigger

Branded formulations of sertraline – such as Zoloft – can cause a few unintended side effects. Some of the common discomforts include dizziness, dryness of mouth, sweating profusely, sleeping problems, etc. Users have also commonly reported of abdominal problems such as nausea, stomach upset as well as discharge of watery stools. These side effects may cease to show up once your system gets used to the active chemicals of these branded forms. However, if one or more of these discomforts continue for long, it is recommended to talk to your treating physician and / or pharmacist. It is important to remember that your doctor has prescribed this drug as its benefits outweigh the risks of these side effects.

In some one-off instances, users have experienced cramping of muscles, tremors, weariness as well as an inexplicable loss of bodyweight upon taking branded formulations of sertraline. These are considered as severe side effects, not very common and need medical help on an urgent mode. Other acute side effects include erratic heartbeat, faster pulse rate, dilation of pupils, blurring of eyesight as well as spotting of rainbows during night times near sources of light. Upon witnessing one or more of these conditions, it is highly recommended to take clinical support as quickly as possible.

Those who have prior allergies to antidepressant meds may need to tell about such hypersensitivity to their treating physician. In some stray instances, allergies may show up in the form of itchiness, skin conditions such as rashes or hives, inflammation of oral organs like tongue, lips or gums, respiratory problems in the form of wheezing, gasping for breath and / or slowing down of respiratory cycles.

Overdosed conditions triggered by excessive use of branded formulations of sertraline

Overdose of branded formulations of sertraline can also cause increased traces of serotonin. This can often lead to a toxic condition. You may sense this condition if you are experiencing weird dreams, acute levels of drowsiness, being restless or getting agitated, severe episodes of vomiting and nausea. You are advised to call 911 or call the helpline of the food and drug administration (FDA); it is important to know that FDA runs its helpdesk to gather inputs on adverse side effects and to offer needful, timely support. However, those living in any of the Canadian provinces may contact Health Canada or rush to a local poison control center without further delay.

In this light, it is essential to remember that the aforementioned list does not form a complete list of side effects, discomforts and allergies. So, if you are encountering any unknown or unlisted side effects / discomforts, talk to your caregiving team as soon as you possibly can.

In sum, sertraline is available under several branded formulations. A leading brand is known as Zoloft. It is commonly administered for the treatment of phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, anxieties and depression. Branded formulations of sertraline are also available in many variants such as capsules, pills and as a suspended liquid. As none of the branded formulations are sold over the counter, ensure to take needful guidance form your caregiver prior to starting your treatment plan.

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