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Your body makes many types of hormones. One of the hormones your body makes is called insulin. It is responsible for making sugar to move from blood to cells. This process makes sugars to turn into energy. But, if this activity is inhibited, it triggers a problems known as diabetes. It is important to seek a doctor’s advice upon witnessing its typical signs. As it can damage your eyes, kidneys, etc., timely care is required. But, what causes low blood sugar without diabetes? It is worth your while to understand this.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the metabolism-based disorders. It causes added amounts of sugars in the blood. It is due to your body’s inability to produce sufficient levels of an enzyme called insulin. This condition may arise when your body is unable to put insulin to rightful use. Diabetes mellitus is a condition that manifests in two major forms.

Of the two forms, the type I is known as an autoimmune disorder. It makes your immunity system to destruct your own pancreas. Type II form of diabetes mellitus may occur while your body turns resistant to insulin. Due to this, sugar levels can build-up in your blood. Type-II form is the common version of diabetes. Nearly 90% of patients have the type I condition.

What causes low blood sugar without diabetes?

Those who are not diabetic may at times experience low levels of blood sugar. This may occur if you do not have ample amounts of sugars in blood. This may also happen when your system is not able to stabilise the sugars in your blood.

In general, lower level of sugars indicates that your system does not have access to needful energy levels to do the regular tasks. There can be many reasons why you may have low sugar levels. At times, it may be because of not taking a well-balanced diet. People who take unhealthy foods are more likely to have such low sugar conditions. You are advised to talk to a qualified dietitian to understand the underlying causes and change your dietary habits accordingly.

The other likely causes of low blood sugar without diabetes are metabolism-related, imbalanced hormonal levels as well as renal dysfunction or hepatic problems.

What-causes-low-blood-sugar-without-diabetes in a wepb image

Facts you need to understand about the autoimmune condition called diabetes mellitus

It is essential to understand the characteristic symptoms of diabetes mellitus. The standard symptoms are persistent episodes of thirst, staying hungry, drop in weight, being tired, reduce rate of healing of sores or ulcers, etc.

In males, diabetes mellitus can cause signs such as dop in sexual urges or libido level, reduced strength of muscles, sexual disorders such as ED, male impotence, etc. Among women, signs such as drying of vaginal tract, itchy skin, yeast formation, infection of the urinary tract, etc. may develop.


Prediabetic stage

Quite often, people find that they are prediabetic. This is a condition wherein sugar level fares higher than normal. But, prediabetic stage means sugars in your blood are not so high to turn into type II diabetes. In other words, people with prediabetes have cells that do not react well to insulin. Moreover, if this condition is left unchecked, prediabetes can soon become type II form of diabetes.

Apart from type I and II, numerous other forms of diabetes are also likely to occur. These include type-1.5 as well as gestational forms of diabetes. Type-1.5 is triggered among grown-ups, and is tough to manage it by changing diet or lifestyle. Gestational forms show up in women who are pregnant.

Last but not least, the typical symptoms of diabetes are quite slow in occurrence. They are often milder while showing up. So, on noticing one or more of these abovesaid symptoms, it is a safe practice to talk to a certified medical professional on an emergency mode.


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