When the tips of your hair split, it does not augur well for the health of your hair. Dryness of hair has been usually ascribed as a reason for split ends. There is more to it than merely dryness. Thankfully there are ways to put a stop.

It is very easy to tell if your hair is damaged. Take a strand of your hair, place it on your finger and check for possible hair damage. If your hair gets tangled as well as ragged, they may soon lead to split ends. When the cuticle of your hair (this happens to be one of the outer layers) is under stress, it starts separating. This is the reason behind split ends. Once you hair suffers from split ends, it looks dull and weak. Your hair may begin to appear to have lost its sheen, volume and texture. It only means that it is high time to take proper care of your hair and bring it back to health.

Most common causes for splitting include usage of excessive chemicals such as harsh shampoos, not trimming your hair regularly, application of heat treatment such as straightening or drying with a warm air dryer, etc. Apart from these, usage of rubber bands to tie your hair, drying it with towels, washing it more often than needed, brushing your hair often, etc are also found to cause damages to your locks.

Hair accessories such as clips with metal in them or very tight elastic accessories can also lead to split ends. Instead, try ribbons which are very mild on your hair.

You are advised to cut your hair regularly to prevent split ends. This is best known method to avoid any possible damages to your hair. Apart from cutting your hair, there are a few more ways to get rid of split ends. These include:

Hair masks

You can make these masks at home. A simple mask can be made with an egg, honey (a tablespoon), olive oil (two to three spoonsful) and an avocado.

Coconut oil

You can apply coconut oil to your scalp; starting from roots of your hair. You can leave this application by wrapping it in a towel. After 40 minutes, you can remove the towel and rinse your hair. This may be repeated every alternate week for better results.

Shampoo with moisturizer

It is recommended to use shampoos that can cleanse as well as moisturize. Oils such as macadamia are found to possess such moisturizing capabilities. Also, choose a shampoo with no sulfate content in it. This is important because sulfate can trigger greater damage to your hair, by removing naturally present moisture off it.

What is the right interval to cut your hair?

It is recommended to trim your hair once every 7 or 8 weeks. Split ends may be kept under check with regular haircuts. The condition may only become worse when you postpone booking time with your hair stylist.

In a nutshell, cut your hair regularly, avoid hot tools such blow dryer or hot pressing, apply hair masks or coconut oil and also avoid sulfate-rich shampoos to keep your hair from splitting at its ends. Apart from these, the following measures can also help.

It is recommended not to sleep with wetness in your hair. Try using a satin or silk pillow. These pillows are found to be much better than cotton pillow. Never step out of your home on a sunny day without proper head cover. Invest in a good cap or hat to protect your scalp from direct sunlight. Never wash your hair often. Washing them more often than needed may remove the moisture naturally available in your hair. More importantly, keep your body hydrated by drinking ample quantities of water at regular intervals.

Your diet also plays a big role in ensuring healthy hair. Make your diet more balanced by consuming omega-3 fatty acids. Such fats are blessed with rich benefits to your hair. Nutrients like vitamin E are another valuable item that boosts hair health. Foods such as seeds, nuts, legumes, fish, eggs, carrots, dairy products with low levels of fats, etc are recommended to avoid problems like split ends.

The way your hair is styled can also help fight split ends. If you sport lengthy hair, you may opt for a fashionable lob to avoid possible damages. If you wish to conceal the split ends, buns can be used. Invest in a soft comb and while combing your hair go gentle with handling it. Whenever you stumble upon tangled hair, pause to remove the tangle and then proceed ahead with combing. Also, your hair is most vulnerable while it is wet. The best way to maintain healthy and undamaged hair is to wait for it to dry and then comb.

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