Beta-caryophyllene – It is also found in herbs such as black pepper as well as in some green and leafy vegetables. It is known for its capability to promote digestive or gastric health as well as for its powers to treat autoimmune disorders.

Limonene – This yields a sharp aroma to weed and is also found in lemon. It is used to fight mental disorders such as depression, cramping of muscles as well as digestive or intestinal disorders.

Alpha-pinene – This is also known as pine oil and it has benefits such as ability to boost your memory, decongesting your airways during a bronchial or asthmatic attack, and is known to promote nerve health.

Myrcene – The skunky smell of weed comes from the presence of this substance in it. It is also found in a few other flowers. It is used for its anticonvulsive properties as well as hypnotic capabilities.

Weed is classified into two major types namely, cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. The strains of indica are known to have an earthy aroma. On the other hand, strains of sativa have a fruity as well as a grassy odor. These strains are also found to have a mild share of sweetness associated to them.

The above differences can be helpful if you had thought all weeds would have the same type of odor. So, the next time you pass through a room where weed is being smoked, you can tell the type of weed in use there.

The smell of weed is very unique. With legality being conferred to it, usage of weed is likely to get more common. You may want to know how weed smells and also about the aftereffects of using weed.

Weed can smell is different ways all through its growth cycle. As in more plants, the smell of weeds takes time to form i.e., the smell gets more pronounced as the plant grows. In an old plant, the smell is weedy as it is called. Some people call it as musty.

The smell coming from weed is more when it is exposed to heat. Thus on a warm day, the stench from weed is strong. The smell is at its maximum when the plant blossoms and flowers appear. However, when you buy weed, the smell is quite different from how a plant smells. The smell at the store is often described as earthy or woody.
The time span for which weed is stored also matters. If you are buying old weed with some moisture content in it, it has milder smell than dry weed.
If you are smoking weed in your house, the strong aroma can last for a few days. Weed smoked inside a car with doors closed can leave back strong traces of its smell for a longer time span.

The strange smell of weed is attributed to many factors. The salient reasons are-
Terpenes – These are oils the weed plant produces. This substance is instrumental in lending the musty smell to weed. Major terpenes are-

The effects of weed

Weed is believed to enhance a sensation of euphoria or wellbeing among its users. It is widely referred to as getting high. But, smoking weed need not get you a high as it is dependent on many other variables. These include the extent of exposure, the time span of exposure, etc. The effects of weed can be sensed if you happen to stay inside a room where weed is smoked all day long. This is sure to leave you with a feeling of a very high state of mind.

Scent groups and their effects

There are many scent groups formed all over the world. The most widely recognised scent groups are lemony, piney and musk of clove.

The lemony group has a strong citrus scent. This is widely used to uplift your mood especially while you are suffering a bout of depression. The terpene named lemonine forms the essence of this scent group.

The piney scent group is an equally common group. This group is known for boosting your brain function. The effects include an enhanced sense of alertness as well as ability to boost your memory. Terpene named pinene is known to be active in this scent group.

The third popular scent group is the musk of clove. The terpene named mycene is an active ingredient in this group. Also, this is the most common among all the other scent groups. Its properties include muscle relaxing abilities as well as sedative strengths.

If you are pregnant or nursing, you are strongly advised not to expose yourself to higher quantity of smoke from weed. Many hybrid varieties are under development and each has its own distinctive smell. However, the smells of the organic weed are likely to remain the same despite the introduction of many new breeds.

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