Ardosons contain a combination of many ingredients; key among them are methocarbamol, indomethacin and betamethasone. This combination is believed to be sourced from foreign countries. But, there is no equivalent products sold in the US – i.e., with the same combination. The US-based federal drug clearing agency – food and drug administration (FDA) – has issued warnings of the efficacy as well as safety of such combinatorial drugs. It becomes an important thing to have more details about Ardosons.

Pain in joints can be due to a few autoimmune conditions such as arthritis – either osteoarthritis and / or rheumatoid arthritis. Your treating doctor may prescribe a range of pain killing meds, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). In this milieu, you need to know of a drug called Ardosons. This is widely believed to have been made in Mexico; but, there is no authentic evidence of the place of manufacture.

As this drug is not approved by the FDA, its safety and use does not needful clearance. Also, the FDA has not issued its directive on safe use of a combination of betamethasone, indomethacin and methocarbamol. You are advised to exert maximum level of caution if you are taking this combination or Ardosons as an over the counter med.

What is Ardosons made of?

As mentioned, Ardosons has three key ingredients. It contains 0.75 milligram (mg) of betamethasone, 25 mg of indomethacin and 215 mg of methocarbamol. Each standard offering / capsule of Ardosons is known to have these measures in it. Moreover, as the drug is widely believed to be made in Mexico, you may find the names of ingredients as betametasona, indometacina and metocarbamol. There is no such drug made in US and hence there is no equivalent term used in in US to label this med.

The FDA extends a blanket caution on over meds procured from overseas pharmacies or online pharmacies. The caution also extends to add that none of these imported meds have the FDA’s clearance and hence there is no assurance for the potency, efficacy and identity of important meds such as Ardrosons.

Infographic explanation of WHAT IS ARDOSONS CALLED IN US

What are the properties of the three leading ingredients of Ardosons?

The typical pack of Ardosons contains 20 pills (in capsule form). Of the 3 essential chemicals, methocarbamol is a relaxant of muscles. It also has an extended use of an anticonvulsant. However, its use is largely focused to treat spasms of muscles and to treat associated discomforts. This chemical is however available in the US – it is sold both as an intravenous offering and also as an orally-administered pill.

The other key chemical – betamethasone is steroidal med. It belongs to a category called corticosteroid. It is widely administered for treating inflammation / internal swelling as well as pains. Its oral equivalent is not sold in the US; however, it is available as topical ointments, foams, creams and lotions. In some remote instances, it is also offered through an intravenous mode. Lastly, indomethacin is an NSAID, taken for managing pains and swelling. It is offered in multiple forms – i.e., as oral capsules, liquid and as an injectable variant.

What are the risks involved?

Import of drugs carries multiple risks. Key among such risks is – possibility to getting a wrong med, receipt of expired drugs, delivery of drugs with varying dosage strength, etc. Some imported drugs may not have the key ingredients listed on the pack. These may trigger further risks of severe side effects and / or unwanted allergic reactions. On top of all these risks, it can be plainly illegal to import drugs like – Ardosons – that are manufactured overseas.

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