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There are many approaches to treat cancers. Use of anti-cancer meds is one of the standard options – i.e., apart from radiation therapy, surgery and other forms of rehab. Administration of drugs forms part of a treatment methodology called medical oncology. This branch focuses on how to cure autoimmune conditions like cancer as well as to manage typical signs of cancers. In effect, chemo drugs help further patients’ life. In this milieu, what is a chemo med that is called “Red Devil”? It is a key thing to know more of this.

Cancers are autoimmune conditions. These can show up in several sites; most commonly encountered cancers are bladder cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, etc. Breast cancer shows up in the tissues of breasts. Characteristic signs include formation of a lump, altered shape of breast, discharge of fluids from breasts, discoloration of skin, etc. A distant or extensive spread of the disease may lead to respiratory conditions (like gasping for breath), painful bones, yellowing of skin, etc.

Cancer in bladder can be of many types; all of them show up from tissues of urinary bladder. You need to check with a qualified oncologist if you detect signs like traces o blood in urine, painful spells of urination as well as pain in your lower back region.  Cancers in bladder may occur when the cells in the lining of bladder turn malignant.

Another commonly observed cancerous condition is lymphoma; this develops in your lymphocytes or a kind of white cells in your blood. In general, lymphoma includes tumors of the lymph and blood. You need to stay wary of signs such as enlargement of lymph-nodes, inexplicable loss of body weight, sweating profusely, tiredness and itchiness.

A chemo med called “Red Devil”

Of the many chemo drugs widely used, doxorubicin (a well-known brand is Adriamycin) is used for treating lymphoma, breast and bladder cancers. This med is administered along with other agents of chemotherapy. This med is classified under anti-tumor-antibiotic / anthracycline genre of drugs. It has a bright and clear red color; this is the reason for its obtaining “red devil” as a nickname.

This anthracycline med is in use for several years to treat solid lumps of cancers; its use for treating ovarian cancers, breast cancers as well as blood-related conditions like lymphoma / leukemia is very common. The key ingredients of this med control a substance called topoisomerase 2; this action eventually leads to death of cells. This end-result is achieved through the inhibition of synthesis of DNA and RNA of damaged cells.

Upon intake of this chemo med, your urine (and also other bodily fluids) may turn red. Such discoloration may occur within a couple of days of starting the dosage plan of doxorubicin (i.e., Adriamycin). This side effect is a temporary discomfort, and is viewed as a normal thing.

This drug is likely to cause a few other side effects; these include loss of hair, suppression of bone marrow activity, abdominal conditions like vomiting, skin problems such as rashes or bruising as well as swelling of oral parts. This chemo med is injected directly into a vein. You may experience damage of tissues – especially at the point of injection, damage of heart function as well as anaphylaxis.

You need to know that this product is not available in US; however, generic version of red devil i.e., doxorubicin is sold in stores. The drug is known to cause severe damage to your cardiac function; your treating doctor will monitor your heart function all through your treatment plan. If you encounter rapid heartbeats, inflammation of feet / ankles or breathing problems (like gasping / wheezing) while using doxorubicin, seek medical help on an emergency mode.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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