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Anticonvulsant meds are administered for treating seizures and fits. Essential chemicals present on these meds block erratic firing of nerve cells. You need to know that rapid firings may often lead to convulsions. Of such drugs, topiramate is widely taken for managing spells of epileptic fits. As an extended use, topiramate is used for treating tremors and alcohol dependencies. There are few foods and meds that do not go well with this anticonvulsant. Do you know what not to take with topiramate? It helps to know more in this realm.

Seizures are caused as an outcome of an abnormal and rapid discharge of electrical signals from your cerebral system. The precise factors that cause fits remains largely unknown. However, a few medical studies indicate that infections in your cerebral system, injuries sustained in brain, incidence of strokes, etc. as likely risk factors. There are many forms of epileptic seizures. Most of them may occur without much warning and may also involve loss of your consciousness.

Caregiving teams prescribe drugs belonging to a genre called anticonvulsants to treat seizures. There are many sub-classes of drugs available under the broader label called anticonvulsant meds. These various kinds include sub-genres like barbiturates, benzodiazepines, propionates, sulfonamides, etc.

In this milieu, what is topiramate?

Topiramate is an antiepileptic med or an anticonvulsant drug. This med is chiefly used for the prevention and effective control of fits and seizures. It is also administered for the treatment of migraines. This med is taken orally and can be consumed before or after a meal. Your doctor may tell you to take excessive amounts of fluids (like water) to avoid formation of kidney stones.

Dosages of topiramate depend on the severity of seizures, and also based on how your body reacts to the initial few dosages. In case of younger patients, dosages are based on your child’s body weight. The first few doses of topiramate are offered as a single dosage prior to your sleep time. Upon observing no side effects, these doses are increased to twice per day. You may need to continue taking the meds as it may take a few weeks for the drug to attain its fullest remedial potential.

What not to take with topiramate?

There are a few things that do not get along well with topiramate. Such goods include alcohol, a few types of meds, etc. In case of alcohol, you may witness very adverse side effects like being sleepy and dizzy. Upon excessive intake of alcohol along with topiramate may make you lose consciousness.

On the medications front, intake of drugs such as eye drops (especially those used to treat glaucoma), a few types of contraceptives, valproic acid, etc. may trigger counterproductive effects. For example, intake of valproic acid along with topiramate can make your body temperature to go below 95 deg F. Another severe side effect of this combination is a likely spike in ammonia level in your bloodstream.

Another salient example is the intake of topiramate along with meds like zonisamide, which may trigger metabolic acidosis. You may also need to stay wary of using birth control pills. Intake of topiramate makes these pills less effective. Another related risk is abnormal bleeding while using contraceptives along with topiramate. Owing to such risks, it is a vital thing to tell your caregiver of your birth control plans. Your physician is likely to prescribe non-hormonal modes of birth control.

Last but not least, stay away from drugs that reduce your ability to stay focused or concentrate on things. The abovementioned do not constitute a complete list of meds that may adversely interact with topiramate. You are advised to talk to your treating doctor / pharmacist about your lifestyle habits and existing mediation plans prior to taking anticonvulsant meds such as topiramate.

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Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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