Where to buy ivermectin

Parasites such as worms may cause infections in humans. A few examples of such parasites include whipworms, hookworms, etc. Drugs categorised as anthelmintics are widely used to treating these infections. Ivermectin is one of the commonly used drugs. It has the approval from the US-based drug clearing body – the food and drug administration (FDA) – for use among human beings for treating worms-induced infections. This drug is used for river-blindness, conditions like strongyloidiasis, etc. But do you know where to buy ivermectin? It is a useful thing to know more on this.

Parasitical worms may cause various types of infections like onchocerciasis (also known as river blindness) and strongyloidiasis. The former may lead to formation of rashes, itchiness, eye problems as well as growth of tissues underneath your skin. On the other hand, strongyloidiasis can trigger a few discomforts like pain in lower abdomen, heartburns, discharge of watery stool, gas formation/bloating, etc. Medications are available to treat these infections.

What is ivermectin?

Food and drug administration – FDA – has cleared ivermectin for treating the aforesaid two infections. Though this drug is used for treat worm infections in animals, a human-friendly form is prescribed to treat parasitical worm-infections among people. The form used for animals is never used on humans as it may lead to severe levels of toxicity and very adverse side effects.

In essence, ivermectin is an anti-parasitical drug. It is administered to treat infections caused by worms, head-lice and also for skin conditions such as rosacea. It is also taken for the treatment of infections among those who live with compromised immune system. Ivermectin is grouped as part of a genre of meds called anthelmintic drugs. The essential chemicals of this drug work on parasites by deactivating them (first) and eventually terminating worms like worms and lice.

Ivermectin is available in many forms – such as oral, topical cream and as a lotion. If you taking the pill form, you are advised to swallow it water – you can drink up to 6 ounces of water. It is a good practice to take ivermectin on an empty-stomach; you are advised to take it an hour before you take food.

As no two individuals may have the same type of infections, your medication plan varies from others’ plans. In general, your treatment is customised to suit your age, weight, severity of parasitical infections and also based on how well ivermectin works on the underlying clinical condition.

Where can I purchase ivermectin?

The lotion of ivermectin (topically administered) can be purchased over the counter (OTC). However, you will require a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner to buy the topical cream and oral pills. The tablet-form of ivermectin is sold as 3 milligram (mg) offering. Based on the underlying infection, daily dose may increase; for instance, a 9-mg-dosage may require taking the 3-mg pill three times.

You can purchase the drug either through online stores (web-based pharmacies) or from drugstores (physical outlets). The good thing is – ivermectin is available as a generic label. The branded equivalent is more expensive than its generic counterpart. Commonly available brands of ivermectin are stromectol, soolantra, sklice, etc. You tend to save more when you opt for generic ivermectin owing to its cheaper cost.
As a safety measure, inform your caregiver of prior health conditions; especially, share needful details about ailments such as renal problems, liver dysfunction, autoimmune problems like cancers and infectious conditions such as AIDS / HIV, etc. In general, provide details of disorders you are living with – which are likely to weaken your immunity level, prior to taking doses of ivermectin.

Lastly, ivermectin may cause a few undesired reactions and side effects. If you witness adverse effects like rashes, reddening of eyes, blurring of eyesight, rapid heartbeats, fits, etc., consult with your physician on an emergency basis. Those who are living in the US may call 911; users of ivermectin in Canada need to dial Health Canada.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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