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There are many reasons for your nipples to go sore. These may include hormone-based changes – especially, during menstrual periods, pregnancy, etc. Some women may report soreness due to friction of garments. In some remote cases, these may be caused owing to acute, autoimmune conditions such as cancer in your breasts. Women are advised to stay conscious of the signs associated with such soreness, and seek medical help on an emergency mode. So, what are the possible reasons behind nipple soreness? It pays to know additional details about such discomforts.

People may experience soreness of their nipples or softening due to multiple reasons. In such moments, the nipples may turn more sensitive or you may experience a burning feeling. In some women, nipples may turn red, witness inflammation or you may sense itchiness. No two persons with sore nipples may get it due to the same factors. The reasons are likely to vary from one individual to another.

Possible reasons for soreness of nipples

One of the key reasons for soreness of nipples is the changes in your hormonal balance. These changes are natural as part of menstrual cycles; this imbalance may lead to soreness or softening of your nipples. Women are more likely to witness a mild swelling of their nipples a few days prior to their periods. This is largely attributed to the altered presence of progesterone as well as estrogen. A change in the levels of these hormones can often lead to tissues of your breasts and nipples to swell.

Puberty and other causes

In girls who are at the state of commencement of puberty, a few internal changes may trigger painful nipples. The same is often true for women who are at the menopausal stage; they also are likely to see discomforts in their nipples. Women who opt for birth control measures that work on their hormones – such as estrogen – may report of nipple pains and soreness.

Pregnancy as a likely reason for soreness of nipples

Women who are pregnant are likely to see a handful of changes occurring to your system. An acute rise in hormonal level – witnessed during the early stages of pregnancy – is a common cause for your nipple to go sore. At this stage, women may also see their nipples growing dark and large. In most women, they may also see an added level of sensitivity on their breasts and nipples.

Breastfeeding women and likely soreness of their nipples

Latches are how your baby gets positioned onto your breasts while you are nursing him / her. A bad positioning while you breastfeed your baby can trigger soreness of breasts as well as painful nipples. A healthy latch is when your baby has access to the whole nipple and your areola to his / her mouth. Instead of the areole, if babies have gained access only to the nipples, mothers are likely to see pain in their nipples.

In most breastfeeding women, such discomforts and pains may cease to show up in less than 4 weeks. However, if one or more of these discomforts continue for long, it is a safe practice to consult with your treating doctor. Women who are pumping milk from their breasts, the flange in the pump may cause painful nipples. This flange forms part of breast-shield. This shield is made of plastic, and has a good fit over the nipple and the areole. When the suction rate is high – coupled with an ill-fitting shield – is known to give maximum level of pains and may eventually lead to soreness of nipples.

Last but not least, poorly fitting bras and / or garments may rub hard on nipples; this friction is another factor for soreness and pains. These conditions are quite common among athletes and joggers / runners. Ill-fitting inner garments can dry your nipples and may also make them turn red. Regardless of the causes, it is a good practice to talk to a qualified physician upon experiencing pain or soreness of nipples, as quickly as possible.

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