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List of Anti-Coagulants below


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Following are the complete list of our medications under Anti-Coagulants category.
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ACITROM (Nicoumalone) BRUMOLIN (Warfarin)
CLOPIDOGREL 150MG (Clopidogrel) CLOPIDOGREL 75MG (Clopidogrel)
EFFIENT (Prasugrel) JANTOVEN (Warfarin)
MAREVAN (Warfarin) NICOUMALONE 1MG (Nicoumalone)
NICOUMALONE 2MG (Nicoumalone) NICOUMALONE 4MG (Nicoumalone)
PLAVIX (Clopidogrel) PRADAXA (Dabigatran Etexilate Mesilate)
PRASUGREL 10MG (Prasugrel) PRASUGREL 5MG (Prasugrel)
WARFARIN 1MG (Warfarin) WARFARIN 2MG (Warfarin)
WARFARIN 3MG (Warfarin) WARFARIN 5MG (Warfarin)
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