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How long does Tinidazole take to work for Giardia?

Symptoms generally last approx. from 2 to 6 weeks. In people with weakened immune systems (e.g., due to illness like HIV), symptoms might last longer. Healthcare providers can further prescribe the appropriate Tinidazole over the counter medications to help reduce the amount of time symptoms last.

Tinidazole Reviews

This Tinidazole meds definitely worked but got some side effects which were like diarrhoea for the first day and vomiting. Was told to drink a lot of water and now it’s perfect with great relief for the cause.

I took Tinidazole medicine on a full stomach at night. I was fine all night, but have had very bad taste in mouth and stomach also feels bit queasy. It helps to know if I only have one more day on this medicine. But otherwise worked well for the condition.

I had a slight bad taste in mouth for Around two days then I needed to take this as a little loss of appetite but overall that was it. I was sure to consume Tinidazole over the counter with a full stomach first thing in the morning, while also avoided anything acidic and definitely did not drink any alcohol. I think my experience was a good one with this medication.

For Giardia, Tinidazole is a wonderful blessing. Doctor prescribe Tinidazole and within hours of a single dose of this medication it eradicates Giardia completely. Symptoms shall ease in just consumption of 24hrs and back to normal within 48hrs. Only one side effect for the single dose treatment which I had is metallic taste in mouth for about 12-24hrs.

Where can I buy Tinidazole over the counter?

You cannot get tinidazole online or Tinidazole over the counter in the United States from a pharmacy as this is a medication that needs a prescription before it can be all dispensed. As of such restriction, the first step is to get a tinidazole prescription is consulting a licensed medical provider.

Can I buy Tinidazole without a prescription?

Tinidazole without prescription is not available as it is only a prescription medication. The medication shall lead to numerous side effects when consumed with other OTC medications. Hence, consulting doctor and informing them about all ongoing medication shall help in consuming this Tinidazole over the counter medication safely and effectively.


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